• Overview

  • Faucets

    • Faucet: Get GAS on the Neo N3 TestNet for the development, testing, debugging, and deployment of smart contracts.
    • NeoEVM Bridge: Bridge N3 testnet GAS to NeoEVM devnet.
  • Development Environment

    • Neo Blockchain Toolkit: An all-in-one extension for VS Code for creating and preparing smart contracts for production.
  • Smart Contract Development Kits

    • C#: neo-devpack provides all the tools required to compile smart contracts written in C#.

    • Python: Boa, a compiler for Python smart contracts. Test and debug your smart contracts written in Python.

    • Java: Neow3j, a reputable development toolkit to build dApps and Smart Contracts using the Java platform (Java, Kotlin, Android).

    • Go: Neo-Go, a fully featured and well-documented alternative implementation of the core Neo stack, written in Go.

    • TypeScript: Neo Devpack for TypeScript allows you to write Neo N3 Smart Contracts using TypeScript.

  • Explorers, Wallet, and API Providers

    • WalletConnect: An open protocol to communicate securely between Wallets and Dapps.

    • dAPI: A wallet interface that allows users to sign transaction requests without exposing their private keys.

    • OneGate Wallet: A mobile gateway of products developed on the Neo (N3 network) public blockchain.

    • dora: A high-speed block explorer with N3 and Neo Legacy integrations. Comes with a public API.

    • NeoTube: A reliable Neo block explorer with separate versions for Neo Legacy and N3.

    • OneGate Explorer: A Neo block explorer focused on Neo N3.

  • SDKs

    • Mamba: A Python SDK on steroids. Capable of speeds over twenty times faster than official release.

    • Neo-gogogo: A Go SDK that provides all the structures and methods required to interface with the Neo blockchain.

    • Neon.js: A complete set of JavaScript tools for integration with Neo. Connect your app to the Neo blockchain.

    • Props: General-purpose smart contracts and developer framework for Neo N3.

    • RpcClient: A dependency library used to streamline the integration of C# applications with Neo.

  • Infrastructures

    • NeoFS: A distributed, decentralized object storage network natively integrated with the Neo blockchain.

    • Oracles: A utility that can be leveraged by smart contracts to interface with systems outside the Neo blockchain.

    • Neo Name Service: A distributed open naming system based on Neo blockchain. The main goal of NeoNS is to map names like alice.neo to other source identifiers such as N3 addresses, NeoFS shared link, IPV4 addresses, IPV6 addresses, and other metadata.

Online Events

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions are online discussions focusing on Web3 industry insights. They are live-streamed via Twitter Space. Attend these events to get hackathon ideas and inspiration.

  • Upcoming Panel Discussions

  • Past Panel Discussion Recordings

    • Coming Soon


Participate in online, public-facing workshops that will help you build applications on Neo N3. They are live streamed on Discord and YouTube. We’ll make each recording available after the streaming session. These workshops are a great resource to help you get started building on Neo, with learnings about the features and tools that are available for you to work with.

Office Hours

Office hours are online, private group times focusing on solving specific problems that event participants may encounter. Mentors will be assigned to help based on the type of problems that hackathon teams have.

  • Neo N3 Building Office Hours

    • Focus: Technical questions and mentoring

    • Open to: All registered participants

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