NIP stands for NFT Improvement Proposals.

NIP lays the foundation for driving innovation of Mint blockchain. All subsequent innovations in smart contracts of NFTs will be proposed by forward-thinking NIPs.

Thus, the theme of the Season 1 hackathon is centered around NIP proposers, aiming to unleash the collective imagination and conceptualization of application scenarios for NFTs. This initiative is set to lay the groundwork for advancing NFT technology, making innovative ideas the driving force behind the future development of the NFT.

Submission Guideline

Participants are encouraged to submit: Idea Proposal: Clearly articulate your innovative NFT standard idea. Highlight how it addresses current challenges, improves existing standards, or introduces novel features. Use Case Scenarios: Present practical use cases for your NFT protocol. Demonstrate how it adds value to creators, collectors, and the broader NFT community. Benefits to the NFT Ecosystem: State the positive impacts and contributions your proposed NFT standards could make to the broader NFT ecosystem.

Submit your NIP at

Must follow the template articulated in (Failure to adhere to the template will be considered as invalid participation.)

Hackathon Timeline

Submission Period Jan8th ~ Jan 31st

Winner Announcement Feb 7th

Post-hackathon Event Feb 8th

Judging Criteria

The hackathon this time has four judging criteria, and submissions will be scored based on the following four criteria. Additionally, subjective comments will be provided, don't worry if your work does not applicable in the four criteria.

  • Practical Application Has the NFT effectively addressed and solved specific real-world challenges within a particular scenario.
  • NIP for Mass Adoption Does the NFT exhibit the potential to lead the mass adoption of Web3 industry, attracting a large user base and widespread adoption
  • Feasibility During the development process, the project associated with this NFT provides a positive user experience, with an intuitive and easily understood user interface.
  • Programmability Specific application and anticipated outcomes of smart contracts within the context of NFTs.


Top 10 best NIPs will share the prize pool of 5000 USD.

Top 3 best NIPs will be rewarded MintID NFT.

Partners & Judge

Our distinguished panel of judges consists of experts spanning diverse fields, each contributing distinctive perspectives on NFTs and nurturing expansive visions for NFT innovation. Hailing from prestigious organizations such as Hashkey NFT, NFTScan, Coin98, Halo Wallet, Zan, BuilderDAO, Mintpad, EESEE, Element, AlienSwap, L7 DEX, 3Space Art, Dagora, OneID, among others, these authorities will meticulously assess the submitted entries, providing valuable feedback on each submission.