Welcome to HubaThon!

Ladies and gentlemen, crypto visionaries and blockchain pioneers, welcome to the first edition of HubaThon! 🚀

HubaThon is the Crypto Tourney you all have been waiting for to Showcase your project and have the chance to be recognized as a leader in the crypto space.

This HubaThon event is not just a competition; it's a celebration of innovation and a chance for emerging crypto projects to make their mark in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Why Should You Join?

Crypto innovators, are you ready for the incredible benefits that await you at HubaThon? Brace yourselves for a wave of advantages that will propel your project to new heights! 🚀

🏆 Big Winner

🎁 All Participants

Winner is determined by the ammount of votes in the community, and All Participants Get the Following Perks

Competition Roadmap

📅 Registration: Feb 1st until Feb 29th 1️⃣ Use our Launchpad feature (request free credits to our team) 2️⃣ Add us and our sponsors as partners 3️⃣ Post in your social media that you are applying to the startup competition 4️⃣ Wait for our confirmation

🚀 Project Pitch: Mar 1st until Mar 25th Approved projects have the chave to a showcase their creations through video demos, pitch decks, or live presentations scheduled through Crypto Hub AMAs.

🗳️ Voting Period: Mar 25th until Mar 29th The crypto community became the heartbeat of HubaThon during the voting period. Leverage social media outreach, community voting, and endorsements to earn additional points.

🏆 Winner Announcement: March 30th, 2024 The triumphant project secures the grand prize of $1,000.00 and a ton of sponsor discounts to propel their project’s development and marketing efforts.