Introducing Hack AVS, an Eigen Layer AVS Global Hackathon!

AVS (Actively Validated Services) is a pivotal component of EigenLayer’s restaking ecosystem. Organized by Hacker Dojo, we are thrilled to invite you to participate in HackAVS, the first-ever AVS-centric hackathon. This is your chance to win exciting prizes and contribute to the flourishing EigenLayer ecosystem! 🔥

The hackathon officially kicks off from April 23rd. We welcome all hackers who are eager to innovate using Eigen Layer’s AVSes. Read on for more details!

Key Dates (Updated)

  • Kicking Off: April 23

  • Live workshops: April - June

  • Submission deadline: July 20 23:59 UTC

  • Judging: July 20 - 30

  • Demo days: June 20 - 30


Track 1: ETH Roadmap Expansion and Acceleration with EigenLayer

Description: Ethereum is plotting a more inclusive and brighter future with EIP-4844 & danksharding and EigenDA align perfectly with it. This opens the innovation floodgates for developers to build high throughput dApps with ease, it also comes with much lower latency for rollups settling to Ethereum which makes real-time gaming, social dApps, AI co-processors & more possible with a very seamless experience.

Track 2: Open Source Explorers & Restaking Intelligence

Description: EigenLayer has unleashed a whole new spectrum of deFi which also called for open source explorers and deFi tooling, which is not just limited to yield optimising tools but event-driven activation, portfolio management & automation, MEV capturing, staking dashboards, EigenLayer block explorer, L2 beat for operators & more

Track 3: AVS Tooling

Description: With multiple AVS’es stemming from the growth of EigenLayer, the teams also want strong tooling to strengthen the roots, like- Operator payment calculator, cost optimiser, decentralised governance tools, developer onboarding toolkits, auto compounding for operators, open-source AVS frameworks, snapshot voting for AVSs, operator configuration, automation for AVS, & more

Track 4: Decentralised Oracles

Description: Decentralised Oracles bring in a vast variety of use cases like prediction markets, decentralised exchanges, Insurance data, Election results & more. dApps surrounding the following use cases will be able to connect their smart contracts with any type of data from the external world and build dApps like AVS specific CLOB, token factory on AVS, on-chain stock/equity trading etc.

Track 5: All things ZK

Description: ZK Technology paired with restaking unlocks a ton of potential for dApps including zkBridges, larger interoperability/ cross-chain use cases, ZK rollups & more. This track will include everything ZK like BTC scaling, ZK/ Optimistic rollup watchers & actors, etc

Track 6: DePIN

Description: While a ton of actions/ smart contracts/ rollups are enabled on EigenLayer, watchtowers enable physical decentralisation while unifying various DePIN actions and economics to one layer with- Proof of Diligence, Location & Bandwidth. Developers can build and execute logic on dApps dictated by rollup state & do more with watchtowers.

Track 7: Cosmos EigenLayer Alignment

Description: Crypto economic security can be diversified using different blockchains and expanding the use case beyond Ethereum. This could bring in ideas like launching a use case-specific AVS with security from Ethereum + Cosmos SDK framework, IBC-enabled AVS, restaking on Cosmos & more

Track 8: Nostr EigenLayer - Content Storage, Social, and Decentralized Media

Description: Adding economic security guaranteed programmability to Nostr will expand the capability of Nostr protocol. The alignment will enable a wide range of decentralized content applications, including social, media, and other content creation activities.

Entry Requirements

  1. Your project should be built with EigenLayer AVS/EigenDA.
  2. Your submission should at least include its vision, functionality and Github repo. If it’s not open source, please grant access to
  3. Plagiarism is prohibited.
  4. Your project must not abuse user privacy and data.


  • Austin King, Co- founder @Omni Network
  • David Cao, Co- founder @Layer N
  • Dmitriy Berenzon, Partner @Archetype
  • Xavier Meegan, Founder & CIO @Frachtis
  • Dougie, partner @Figment Capital
  • Zaki Manian
  • Sam Broner, Investment Partner @a16z Crypto
  • Graziella Camata, Investor @Finality Capital
  • Ranvir Rana, Co-founder @Witness Chain
  • Matan Si, Founder @Eoracle
  • Charlie Chen, Co-founder @OpenLayer
  • Henry Love, CEO @Picasso
  • Maanav Khaitan, Software Engineer @Ethos Stake
  • Elle Leemay Chen, Investor @Reciprocal Ventures
  • Gajesh Naik, Core Engineer @Eigenlayer
  • MALCOLM SHU, Partner @No Limit Holdings
  • Shuyao Kong, Co-Founder @megaETH
  • Jack Zampolin, Founder @Rollchains
  • Jordan Bishop, Head of Advocacy @Movement Labs
  • Andy Golay, Solutions Engineer @Movement Labs
  • More...

Hack AVS - Judges 1.jpg Hack AVS - Judges 2.jpg Hack AVS - Judges 3.jpg

Judging Criteria

Impact: Does the project have the potential to significantly improve the current AVS/Eigen ecosystem, community, or problem area?

Innovation: Is there anything new in this project that judges have never seen?

Ecosystem Engagement: Use the best of Eigen Layer tech stacks.

User Engagement: Is the project easy to understand and navigate?


If you have any questions throughout the duration of the hackathon, please find us on Telegram.

About Hacker Dojo

Hacker Dojo is an open-source knowledge community for encryption and Web3 cutting-edge technology jointly built by hackers. Dōjō will regularly organize sharing sessions in the form of live/audio/text, covering topics including but not limited to L1 and L2 consensus algorithms, architecture, GitHub repo-related content, including but not limited to Scroll/Polygon zkEVM, Eigen's hybrid proof system, Starkware, azTec, Optimism, Zecrey, Aptos, Move, cryptography (zero-knowledge proof, public key encryption, hash function, lattice cryptography), distributed systems, Ethereum protocol stack, quantum computing and quantum information, satellite communication systems, and spacecraft system design.

About Eigen Layer

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in cryptoeconomic security. This primitive enables the reuse of ETH on the consensus layer. Users that stake ETH natively or with a liquid staking token (LST) can opt-in to EigenLayer smart contracts to restake their ETH or LST and extend cryptoeconomic security to additional applications on the network to earn additional rewards.