Product Expansion

  • Options Market

    • frxETH call put/options
  • Fraxlend Optimizer fFrax Vault

    • Ex. 4626 vault that depositors can deposit FRAX into.
  • Frax Ecosystem Derivatives Market

    • FLP token with FRAX, FXS, frxETH, CRV, CVX
  • FRAX-denominated Concentrated Liquidity AMM

  • Cowswap solver that routes everything via FRAX/frxETH

  • Improved liquid ve-tokens

  • Cross-chain veFXS receipt

    • Read veFXS balance on a non-mainnet chain in order to get farming boosts
  • Quicker Fraxferry Tranfers

    • Enabled by zk-proofs or other means
  • NFT lending for FRAX, frxETH

  • zkFrax

    • Privacy enabled P2P Frax ecosystem transactions
  • Frax automations

    • Automate interactions in the Frax ecosystem
  • FraxMEV

    • Leverage frxETH block producing ability to essentially do feeless liquidations, swaps, etc.
  • An Innovative new veFXS (and veFPIS) wrapper like cvxFXS that uses bucketed veFXS locks to allow for redemptions+full peg rather than cvxFXS.

Consumer Adoption

  • Fraxlend Notification System

    • Telegram bot that can track any wallet’s Fraxlend positions and update users daily.
  • FraxPay

    • Merchants accept Frax
  • Easy to-use Frax UIs

    • 1-click sfrxETH swap front-end

    • Fraxlend front-end

    • Fraxswap front-end

    • FRAX staking front-end

  • Fraxramp

    • On/off-ramping solution for FRAX
  • FraxWallet

Data Analytics

  • Fraxlend and Fraxswap Visualizations

    • Based on subgraphs
  • Frax Whale Watch

    • Activity visualization of large holders
  • Dashboards for AMOs

    • Individual AMO Information

      • Multi-sig interactions

      • On-chain entity interaction

    • Granular historical data of individual AMO performance

      • Bring context to actions
  • Dashboards for Frax/frxETH liquidity farming opportunities