Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement

The list of winners for the Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 is now available! This was the largest Web3 hackathon in the Cardano ecosystem and the judging panel included representatives from EMURGO, EMURGO Ventures, Cardano Foundation, Input Output Global (IOG), Binance, Republic Crypto, and Wave Financial. Out of the 93 teams who applied, 9 outstanding teams were selected from the Derivatives, Aggregators, and Zero-Knowledge tracks.

Derivative Track

🥇First Place: MuesliSwap

The MuesliSwap DEX Aggregator collects and presents data about all DEXs on Cardano to provide users with the best price for any asset.

🥈Second Place: Foreon Network

Foreon Network is an information market platform where users can trade on the predicted outcome of future events, creating a share portfolio based on their forecasts to earn a return. It offers an alternative to betting platforms with high fees, restrictions, and poor accessibility.

🥉Third Place: Arc Finance

Arc Finance is a DeFi derivatives platform that provides liquidity derivatives trading for individuals and institutions to provide trading users with more professional decentralized digital options trading.

Aggregator Track

🥇First Place: Swiper Sport SocialFi

A multichain sports social fan platform that enables fans to engage, connect, discuss sports events, join fan groups, and play games together. Building on Cardano

🥈Second Place: STAND

This project aims to build a DAO as a bottom-up learning community on Cardano. Stand will use Cardano as the platform due to many of its advanced features: environmentally friendly, peer-reviewed technology, scalability, and substance over hype.

🥉Third Place: NFTCONOMY

NFTCONOMY is a real-time NFT analytics platform that helps you discover, search, track and analyse millions of NFTs. Get access to an NFT's Tokenomics, financial metrics, community data from social media platforms, blockchain transactions, news and more!

ZK track:

🥇First Place:  zkFold

zkFold is a new scaling solution for Cardano based on zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs).

🥈Second Place: HydraZK

A proof of concept using ZK-Snark and Hydra on Cardano

🥉Third Place: ZK Mixuper

ZK Mixuper is developed to allow users to transfer funds anonymously.