What to submit

  • Pitch Deck/Intro Deck: This should include your contact information such as Telegram, Twitter, Email, etc.

  • Whitepaper/Litepaper: A document that clearly outlines your project, its goals, and how you plan to achieve them.

  • Demo Video: While not mandatory, a demonstration video can significantly enhance the understanding of your project.

  • Project Website: If available, a link to your project's website can provide the judges with additional insights into your project.

  • Github link: This is optional but it can be very helpful if your project involves coding. It provides a platform to showcase your code and demonstrate your technical skills.

Scoring for the Hackathon will be based on the following criteria

  • Innovation and Necessity to the Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem (20%)
    This evaluates how novel and essential your solution is within the Cardano ecosystem. It looks at whether your idea is unique and if it solves a critical need.

  • Maturity of the Tech and Product (40%)
    This assesses the technical robustness and readiness of your solution. It considers the technology used, the degree of completion, and the readiness for deployment of your product.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy, User Acquisition Strategy and Community Growth Strategy (20%)
    This looks at your plan to introduce your product to the market, how you plan to acquire users, and strategies you have for growing your community. It evaluates the viability and potential effectiveness of these strategies.

  • Team and Experience (20%)
    This evaluates the skills, experience, and composition of your team. It considers your team's ability to execute the project and bring the product to market.

Getting Started [3-5 MIN]

1. You should submit your BUIDL via DoraHacks.io. Before that, make sure that you already have an account.

Use the Sign in/up button at the upper right corner of the page to access the sign-up options.


Github, crypto wallet and email are supported for creating an account. For BUIDLers, we recommend you to connect the account to your github to make more people know what you are building at any time.

*You may be asked to receive a verification code via email. The email may take some time to arrive. No worries! The code will not expire in 10 minutes when you click “send code”.

2. Before the submission of DDL on July 3rd, please make sure you have added your Github link to the project. You can submit the project first, edit it later before the DDL.

Click “Submit BUIDL”.


If you already have created a BUIDL on DoraHacks

Choose your BUIDL project from "Apply with Existing BUIDL" and select the track(s) you want to join.


If you want to submit a new BUIDL project

Click “Create a new BUIDL” and fill in the form as required. You'll be directed to "Apply for Cardano EMURGO BUILD 2023 Hackathon" page after the new BUIDL setup.

Fill in the form to offer the information about your project. Note that for demo, demo link and social media, please offer URLs (with http/https://).


Don't forget to check "I agree to the User Agreement".


Back to Application window. Choose your BUIDL project from "Apply with Existing BUIDL" and identify the track you want to join.

When submission succeeds, you'll see this notification.


Want to make some changes to your BUIDL?

Click [Avatar] -> [Profile] to enter the Account Center, and click the "Edit" button on the top right of the BUIDL to update the BUIDL information.