Overview of event

From September 2nd to October 10th 2022, The Web3Infra Hackathon, launched by PermaDAO, is open to all developers.

Arweave is not only a service limited to professional developers, but also is extremely convenient for general users to store permanently. A variety of storage-related products can be developed based on Arseeding developed by everFinance. Users can experience a convenient storage service via Web3infra. Developers are welcome to make upgrades and innovations on the basis of existing demos, without theme limitation.

As the Web3Infura hackathon is designed to engage products and front-end developers in our application building, there is no barrier for web2 developers.

Refer to the demo below as an example: https://demo.web3infra.dev

Dates and Timing

  • Announcement: September 2th
  • Projects Submission: September 8th - October 10th
  • Community Voting: October 21st - October 23th
  • Judge Voting: October 30th
  • Final Result Announcement: October 31st


  • First Place: 500 AR + 3000 U equivalent token package
  • Second Place: 300 AR + 1800 U equivalent token package
  • Third Place: 100 AR + 600 U equivalent token package
  • Community Special: 1200 U equivalent token package *3, directly set and selected by our sponsors.

p.s. The price fluctuation of each sponsor’ s token is subject to the price on the date when the host receives the transfer.


  • Build a permanent storage application based on web3infra.dev service, which can be a decentralized web drive, decentralized NFT storage service, decentralized chatting tool, decentralized document backup tool, etc.
  • Refer to the demo below as an example: https://demo.web3infra.dev
  • Use the storage service web3infra.dev to develop application
  • There is no restrictions on the type of "application"
  • The App must support metamask login and be compatible with mobile wallet login. Support for arweave wallets at the same time is desirable.


Grading Criteria


Submissions of tracks will be judged by technical team representatives based on their technical merits as well as the likelihood of implementation.

Submissions of sponsored bounties will be judged by sponsors’ technical team with representatives appointed by the sponsors of individual bounties.

Community Vote:

The community‘s vote will account for 10% of the final result. Before the community votes, PermaDAO will give out 100 AR in the Discord channel, and everyone in the community is eligible to claim the Tips. Community members are free to tip their favorite project later. Each person has one vote, and the Tip has to be more than 0.1 AR.

About PermaDAO:

Have you heard of Alexandria’s library? Well, Arweave will be our Alexandria’s Library in this beautiful Web 3.0 era. Permanently storing human history is extremely important to mankind. Now that Web3.0 is in full swing, Arweave will be seeing more and more developers use its infrastructure. This will create a a more unified ecosystem for us all.

PermaDAO is a community of co-builders created for one purpose: to contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. Anyone and everyone can find their way in order to contribute to the ecosystem, any proposals or tasks involving anything arweave based can be posted here which will then be supported by the whole community. Keep in mind that Web2 is quickly shifting over to Web3 and with the power of this community we’ll surely leave a footprint behind, together.