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[Chainbase] Make Web3 Apps or Platforms Using Chainbase

Through the API services provided by Chainbase, developers can quickly access the blockchain network and easily build Web3 applications.

Chainbase's unique online data cloud warehouse completely opens up Web3 data, making blockchain interaction and on-chain data query/index simple and easy to operate. Anyone can discover, use, and build open APIs, which allows developers to focus on application-level innovation rather than solving back-end problems.

How to use the rich on-chain data to innovate requires participants to give full play to their imagination.

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[Algorand] The Most Creative, Accessible, Sustainable Future, Digital Assets or Tools on Algorand

  • Most creative dapp on Algorand
    ○ Build the most creative infrastructure or solution on algorand, the more complex and more features you have, the more deserved the prize. This bounty is for those buidlers who want to go beyond normal and status-quo dapps.

  • Most accessible dapp on Algorand
    ○ Blockchain is for everyone, and this bounty is for the buidler who can enable most of people to use their dapp, think on a massive and scalable solution.

  • Sustainable future bounty
    ○ The greener blockchain wants to recognize the devs who want to create the future of sustainability with us. This bounty is focused on seeking the project that can bring the most meaningful social and sustainable impact on the world.

  • Digital assets bounty
    ○ Blockchain for digital assets revolves around the creation of unique digital representations of assets that go beyond traditional financial instruments. This bounty is for builders who build solutions around digital assets Use the Algorand Blockchain to build. Examples: Digitized art, music, video, and copyrights using the Algorand blockchain and a distributed storage system such as IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

  • Best tooling for Algorand
    ○ Blockchain tools are significant to improving hands-on experience with Algorand blockchain.This bounty is for those builders who want to build developer tooling for Algorand ecosystem.

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[TF META] Design an NFT trading simulation sandbox

Objective provide simulation training for a broader group of people to enter the NFT market establish an evaluation reference for the price、collection&investment value of new and old projects


1.the established sandbox system should match the information of the real market

2.the sand table system should be implemented functions including but not limited to transaction simulation, transaction information on the chain records, comprehensive assessment of the rating of both projects and participants

3.the sandbox system should have a clear user interaction interface or intention


1.How to keep the sandbox data synchronized with the real disk data without causing a fork?

2.How can the overall rating be dynamically changed and recorded?

3.Is it possible to implement strategy formulation and automatic trading in the sandbox?

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[NEAR] Building Mobile DApps on NEAR protocol

Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experience.

There are now a large number of DApps on the Web platform, but seems to be relatively few DApps that support mobile platforms.

Blockchain still has a lot of room for DApps built for mobile platforms. Recently SweatCoin bulit on NEAR have successfully closed a $13M investment round.

In this challenge, we call for DApps that running well on mobile platforms. The DApps can be native Android or iOS applications, or mobile-compatible Web applications.

Use your imagination! You can build fun mini-games using the NEAR contract as a scoreboard, mint NFTs for winners of a competition, or build DApps that supports login with your NEAR account.

Let’s BUIDL!

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[Mina] Building a zkApp on Mina with SnarkyJS

Mina Foundation will provide bonuses to reward the technical development of zkapp ecological projects. Tracks include but are not limited to: wallets, tools, encryption, APIs, and various privacy smart contract use cases, including digital identity and privacy, Internet of Things, game data storage, and finance.

In this funding activity, our philosophy is to encourage students to use the features of zero-knowledge proof and zkApp to practically solve some practical problems in the blockchain world. We do not require developers to complete the code development of the entire project. Only a relatively complete project plan needs to be submitted (Note: The more complete the project information submission, the higher the probability of being selected).

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[Manta Network] Accelerating Elliptic Curve Operation and Finite Field Arithmetic (WASM)

Multi-Scalar multiplication (MSM) operations are essential building blocks for zk computations. This prize will focus on minimizing latency of these operations on client-type devices and blockchain-based VMs, specifically the WebAssembly (WASM) runtime.

Optimization Objective: Achieve the lowest combined latency of MSM over a range of input vector lengths in WASM runtimes.

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[Dfinity] Dapps running on ICP

Any decentralized application running on ICP.

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[Scroll] Design and Thinking about Rollups

Individual creators can write articles according to the following topics and choose the direction they are good at:

  • Comparison of ZK rollup and Optimistic rollup (pros and cons and advantages)
  • L3s-app-Extended final chain and dapp chain
  • What are the implications for rollupsharding after The Merge and Danksing
  • Off-chain scaling — current off-chain scaling solutions
  • Architectural differences and comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different zkEVMs

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[Polygon] Scale your decentralized applications by deploying on the Polygon PoS blockchain network

Scale your decentralized applications by deploying on the Polygon PoS blockchain network. The smart contract needs to be deployed on Polygon Mumbai Testnet/ Polygon Mainnet.

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[Chainbase] 使用 Chainbase 构建 Web3 应用或平台

通过 Chainbase 提供的 API 服务,开发者可以快速访问区块链网络,轻松构建 Web3 应用。

Chainbase 独有的在线数据云仓将 Web3 数据彻底开放,使区块链交互和链上数据查询/索引变得简单、易操作。任何人都可以发现、使用和构建开放的 API ,这使得开发人员可以专注于应用级别的创新,而不是解决后端问题。



[Algorand] 构建Algorand上的最有创意、最佳访问效率、可持续发展、数字资产或开发工具项目

  • Algorand 上最具创意的 dapp
    在 Algorand 上构建最具创意的基础设施或解决方案,应用拥有的功能越复杂、功能越多,就越值得获奖。此赛题适用于那些想要跳出常规,超越现有 dapps 的开发者
  • Algorand 上最容易访问的 dapp
    区块链适用于所有人,而此赛题适用于能够让大多数人使用他们的 dapp、思考大规模与可扩展的解决方案的构建者
  • 可持续的未来主题
  • 数字资产主题
    数字资产区块链围绕创建超越传统金融工具的独特数字资产表示。此赛题适用于围绕数字资产构建解决方案的构建者,使用 Algorand 区块链进行构建。示例:使用 Algorand 区块链和 IPFS(分布式文件系统)等分布式存储系统将艺术、音乐、视频和版权数字化
  • Algorand 的最佳开发工具
    区块链工具对于改善 Algorand 区块链的实践体验具有重要意义。此赛题适用于那些希望为 Algorand 生态系统构建开发者工具的开发者


[梯峰教育] 设计一个NFT模拟交易沙盘








赛题重点: 1.沙盘交易是否可能对沙盘内产生波动影响?并且这种沙 盘数据如何不断跟真实盘数据同步而不导致分叉?




[NEAR] 基于NEAR协议构建移动Dapp

通过简单、安全和可扩展的技术,NEAR 使数百万人能够发明和探索新体验。


区块链对于为移动平台构建的 DApp 仍有很大的空间。最近,NEAR 上的 SweatCoin 成功完成了 1300 万美元的投资。

在这个挑战中,我们希望看到在移动平台上运行良好的 DApp。 DApp 可以是原生 Android 或 iOS 应用程序,也可以是与移动设备兼容的 Web 应用程序。

动用你的想象力!您可以使用 NEAR 合约作为记分牌来构建有趣的迷你游戏,为比赛的获胜者铸造 NFT,或者构建支持使用您的 NEAR 帐户登录的 DApp。



[Mina] 零知识证明智能合约构建

Mina Foundation将提供奖金奖励zkapp生态项目的技术开发。赛道包括但不局限于:钱包,工具,加密,api, 以及各类隐私智能合约用例, 包括数字身份和隐私,物联网,游戏数据存储和金融等。

此次的资助活动,我们的理念是鼓励同学们利用零知识证明和zkApp的特点,切实解决在区块链世界的一些实际问题。 我们并不要求开发者完成整个项目的代码开发。只需要提交一个相对完整的项目计划 (备注:越完善的项目资料提交,被选中的可能性越高)。


[Manta Network] 加速 WASM 上的椭圆曲线

多标量乘法 (MSM) 操作是 ZK 计算的重要构建模块。本奖项重点关注在客户端类型的设备和基于区块链的虚拟机上,特别是WebAssembly(WASM)运行时将这些操作的延迟降到最低。

优化目标: 在一定的输入向量长度范围内,最小化MSM在WASM上的延迟。


[Dfinity] 运行在ICP上的任意去中心化应用



[Scroll] 关于Rollups相关问题的设计与思考


  • ZK rollup 和 Optimistic rollup 的对比(优劣势及权衡)
  • L3s 和 dapp-chains — 扩容的终局是什么样的
  • 在 The Merge 和Danksharding 之后,对于rollups将会有什么影响
  • 链下扩容 — 当前的链下扩容解决方案
  • 不同的zkEVM的架构区别及优劣势对比


[Polygon] 在Polygon PoS网络上部署来扩展您的dapp

通过在 Polygon PoS 区块链网络上部署来扩展您的去中心化应用程序。智能合约必须在Polygon Mumbai测试网或Polygon主网上部署。