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2023/01/15-2023/01/20 12:00 UTC

MACI ETH Research Grant Community Voting (Round 1)

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  • 5,000 USDT Matching pool



SoulWallet is a wallet that offers new features such as Social Recovery, ERC-20 Gas Payment, Gasless Payment, Native Multi-sig, and more.


Tag: Sharding/Data Availability

Scaling Ethereum Storage via L2 and DA

Eigen Network

Tag: zkEVM/zkVM

Eigen Network aims to build a privacy-focused zkVM and be highly compatible with Solidity to deliver privacy and developing experience for EVM ecosystem.


Tag: AA/ERC4337

ERC1155Delta is an NFT implementation/standard that is highly optimised for gas consumption and has less impact on the blockchain storage space. ERC1155Delta is meant to be an drop-in replacement for ERC721A. Like ERC721, each ERC1155Delta token is unique.

ZKSAFE Password

Tag:Cryptography Research

ZKSAFE Password is a great cryptography system which can be expanded to support not only ZKSAFE, but also various asset management platforms, and even private key-less wallets (which would greatly reduce the barrier for users to entry Web3).