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Avalanche Hackathon@Asia: AVAX Pool

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Zecrey is an L2 private crosschain protocol based on zk-rollup. Zecrey provides a reliable and safe crosschain solution, with its security rooted in L1.


SongRise is a one-station platform for musicians to publish their NFTs, build community and industry networks, and tailor exclusive content and events through NFTs.


Mystiko.Network is the base layer of web3 that provides both connectivity and confidentiality to all blockchain data, transactions and applications.


No-Code App Decentralizer


MetaOasis is a futuristic, sci-fi-themed multiplayer online game, but it's not just a game, it's also a multi-game platform, a metaverse world.


MetaDerby is a Free-to-Play & Earn horse racing game built on Avalanche network, in which players can breed, race and trade their own NFT horses, as well as trade and construct farmlands, stables, race courses and jockey clubs for tournaments while gain earnings from the DerbyVerse.

PEPO Paradise

Pet Pocket Paradise (PEPO Paradise) is a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique “FEED-TO-EARN” mechanic in a Sandbox environment. Additionally, PEPO Paradise unites web3 virtual pets (PEPOs) across different chains and metaverses, and opens up new opportunities for the interactive, interoperable web3 future.

Dante Network

Dante Network implements a protocol stack that attempts to enable various public chain resources in the web3 world to interconnect into a collaborative network of services worldwide.


About ShowMe is an NFT subscription social network that uses various subscription methods and PONA(Proof of NFT Achievements) to help projects, communities, KOLs, DAOs, and gamefi to accumulate users and tag users. All data is presented in the form of NFT and stored on Arweave. Eventually, ShowMe hopes to become the social graph of Web3, allowing users to become the owners and beneficiaries of their own data.

Cyberpop metaverse

Cyberpop is a 3D NFT metaverse that supports multiple platforms, multiple play methods, and has high economic values. We are able to make a grand game scene that is enough to make players feel shocked. In general, this is definitely a cool game.