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Hackathon Judge Scoring Guide

Hackathon Judge Scoring Guide has recently launched a new "Track Judging" feature. By accepting an invitation email from the Hackathon administrator, judges can enter the Track system to comment on and score projects.

*Note to Hackathon administrators: Please refer to the “How to Manage Your DIY Hackathon?” guide for instructions on how to invite judges.

Hackathon Judge Guide

  • Accepting the judge invitation
  • Navigating to the scoring page and start browsing projects
  • Submitting scores and comments
  • Editing and re-submitting scoring content
  • Viewing comment results (limited to pages set to public by the administrator)
  • Contacting BUIDL or Hackathon administrators through
  • Accepting the Judge Invitation

    If you have never registered on DoraHacks, check your email for the invitation.

    • Open the judge invitation email and click “accept” to be redirected to the event scoring page (if you are not logged in, you will need to log in first).

    If the invitation email is not received or has expired, contact the Hackathon administrator to resend the invitation.

    If you are already a registered user, you can view the invitation via email and on-site notifications.

    • Go to, log in, and click the “notifications” icon in the top right corner to find the judge invitation notification and accept it.

    Navigating to the Scoring Page and Viewing Scoring Details

    Upon successfully accepting the invitation, a "Track Judging" page will be added under the Hackathon details from the judge's perspective.

    • This page will display the Judging criteria set by the Hackathon manager and the projects that need to be scored.

    Browsing Projects, Submitting Scores + Comments

    Click on project names under the “All BUIDLs” section on the right to switch to the BUIDL preview details on the left, allowing for quick browsing of BUIDL information.

    In the right-side editing box, enter the project score, comments, and personal notes in succession.

    • Comment: Visible to BUIDL owners
    • Note: Only visible to Hackathon organizers

    Submit comments and notes as per the requirements of the Hackathon organizers.

    Editing and Re-submitting Scoring Content

    You can edit and modify the scores and content for a BUIDL multiple times before the Hackathon administrator ends the judging period. Simply re-enter the page, make edits, and click “re-submit” to update to the latest content.

    Viewing Comment/ Results (Limited to Publicly Set Pages by the Administrator)

    After submitting scoring content, you can view the comments of various judges on different BUIDLs on the Hackathon's “Judging & Reviews” page (limited to pages set to public by the administrator).

    Contacting BUIDL or Hackathon Administrators through

    To communicate quickly with BUIDL Owners or Hackathon administrators, use the Mail feature on

    • Contacting BUIDL Owner: Click on a BUIDL to go to its details page, scroll down to the “Team Information” section, click on the Owner’s avatar to go to their personal page, then click “Mail” to start a conversation.
    • Contacting Hackathon Administrators: Click on Organization to go to the organization details page, scroll down to the “Member” section, click on an avatar to go to the member's personal page, then click “Mail” to start a conversation.
    • To view replies or chat history, click on the mail icon in the top right corner.

    Contact Us

    For any questions, feel free to reach out to us through Telegram @dorahacksofficial or Discord to contact DoraHacks for assistance.

    About DoraHacks

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