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New vcDORA holders’ gift reward —stake to earn 5 $DORA

New vcDORA holders’ gift reward —stake to earn 5 $DORA

1st vcDORA community voting round of Dora Grant DAO is currently on heat. And we won’t stop stirring the ‘pot’ with more staking rewards until everyone gets a share of the soup! Now, hop in the crowd to participate in the Dora community governance and earn monetary reward! What is more improtant is that you can impact the funding ranking result by using vcDORA as voting ticket!

Right now join vcDORA community, stake minimum 5 $DORA (redeemable) to be eligible for additional of 5 $DORA reward, instantly granted. Fixed amount for everyone!


Before 23:59 SGT(UTC+8), Nov 13th.


The first 20 Twitter comments that complete the task correctly can get 5 $DORA each. 100 $DORA rewards in total.


  1. Be a $DORA holder
  2. Make sure there is enough $ETH balance in your account as gas fee
  3. Stake at least 5 $DORA via to receive the corresponding amount of vcDORA (Check detailed stake rules here.)
  4. Record the process of your $DORA staking (In the video, please make sure to reveal your wallet address, the amount and period of your stake and the pop-up for stake confirmation.)
  5. Share your short video and your ERC-20 wallet address below the comment of this tweet.

After being a vcDORA holder, claim the role [vcDORA] in Discord and take your responsibility in the governance of Dora GrantDAO!

Vote and support these excellent BUIDLs and contribute to the future of the multi-chain Web3 ecosystem.✨

About Dora Grant DAO

Dora Grant DAO is a community-driven program to fund the hacker movement — explore and assist hackers with innovative ideas, and eventually help them build important products for the future of the multi-chain Web3 ecosystem.


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About Dora Factory

Dora Factory is the digital infrastructure builder of the Global Hacker Movement. It creates protocols, toolings, and public good infrastructures that help open source communities and frontier tech builders to thrive.

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