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DoraHacks x Injective Quadratic Funding Round Now Kicks Off

DoraHacks x Injective Quadratic Funding Round Now Kicks Off

The Injective Illuminate Hackathon 2023 was a standout event with a 100K prize pool and 100+ BUIDLS submitted, providing an unforgettable experience for passionate Injective ecosystem builders.

Building on this success we are excited to announce, DoraHacks and the Injective Foundation have partnered to showcase 10 of the most promising projects from the Injective Illuminate Hackathon, inviting them to participate in the VERY FIRST Injective Quadratic Funding Round. This is a great opportunity for the Injective community to contribute to some of the most promising ecosystem projects by voting on what projects they want to see get a larger portion of the matching pool, whilst also contributing some of their own $INJ token to vote.

Dora Factory is providing the full 1,500 INJ (~$70,000) matching pool coming from the Public Good Staking reserve. The reserve was generated from the Dora Factory PGS node, our innovative way to fund ecosystem ventures and developers with block incentives while decentralizing the blockchain governance with the vote of the community. To explore, please go to the official link at :

The first ever native Injective QF is to provide long-term support for important projects involved in and building in the Injective ecosystem. Together with developers and contributors, we look forward to building an innovative, sustainable and robust community in the Injective ecosystem. DoraHacks remains dedicated to equipping the developer community with the necessary tools and support. Our commitment to QF extends beyond funding, serving as a testament to our support for every idea and our commitment to nurturing a future led by visionary thinkers and builders.

Key Dates

The opening ceremony kicks off on March 18th, followed by demo sessions showcasing these outstanding projects on March 19th, 20th, and 21st at 8PM PST. Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with the Injective team on the 18th and check in for the demo sessions to get a more in-depth look at the projects participating.

The voting period runs from March 18th, 12 PM PST to April 8th, 12 PM PST, offering everyone the chance to come vote, and contribute to the Injective ecosystem and support the developer community.

What is Quadratic Funding?

Quadratic Funding is an innovative funding mechanism, used to allocate funds for public goods projects based on community support. The model ensures popular projects with a wider base of community contributors receive more funding compared to projects with just a few large contributors. As a result, the funding is allocated more equitably and transparently, with the decision made more on a democratic approach.

In QF, the cost of each additional vote increases exponentially, promoting a level voting ground amount for projects. For more detailed information regarding Quadratic Funding and DoraHacks improvement, visit our blog.

Meet The Teams

Aeroscraper -  DeFi protocol looking to address the interest rate problem in lending-borrowing platforms by offering interest-free, over-collateralized stablecoins pegged to the US dollar.

Chain Defender - Revolutionize smart contract security by offering automated vulnerability audits and pre-audit scans, catering to projects on networks like Injective, providing faster and cheaper solutions to address the critical need for enhanced security in Web3.

Gryphon - Leverage assets and maximize yield on Injective with its pioneering protocol integrating LSD and a native stablecoin component (CDP) with capital efficiency, adaptable CDP options, and compound yield backed by blue-chip assets,

Hydro Protocol - Introduces Real Yield Assets (RYA) for diversified yield exposure, combining Real World and Crypto Assets, while optimizing yield strategies as the first native LSD+LSDFi on Injective with eVM and sVM capabilities.

Kogen Markets - A decentralized exchange (DEX) dedicated to options trading in the Cosmos DeFi ecosystem, offering users the ability to leverage assets for yields and set price targets through smart contracts.

Neptune Finance -  Optimizes DeFi savings with its advanced peer-to-peer lending protocol, offering variable interest rates, multiple borrowing accounts, and modular features dynamically adjusting rates through a PID controller, to target market efficiency, new yield strategies, deeper liquidity and increased utility for INJ.

Ninja Blaze - Blockchain-based games on the Injective blockchain, ensuring full transparency regarding in-game assets, transactions and player interactions, currently in testnet with two available games, Jackpot and Roshambo.

NinjaKits - All-in-one DeFi and NFT management tool, empowering users with non-custodial access to decentralized finance, with features like portfolio assessment, NFT collection management, DeFi services, and unique integrations like on-chain messaging and token creation

TimeWorx - Bridges the gap between human intelligence and artificial intelligence by providing accessible data processing and labeling services to SMBs. Through decentralized environments, users earn TIX tokens by completing tasks, contributing to machine learning, and can monetize their time and stake tokens via the platform's mobile app.

Tokenized Interchain Accounts - A new paradigm that tokenizes account ownership across multiple chains using IBC,  all accounts abstracted, can be traded, enabling all dApps to be multi-chain.

Voting Details:

Injective's Quadratic Funding Round enables contributions using $INJ, where 1st vote costs 0.01 INJ and subsequent votes scale accordingly. Contributions attract matching funds from Dora Factory’s PGS reserve, with final rankings visible on the dedicated page. The process involves weighted calculations, ensuring fair distribution through Progressive Tax and guarding against sybil attacks with anti-sybil checks post-funding. See our Voting Guide for more information on how to vote.

About Injective

Injective is a lightning-fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for building the premier Web3 finance applications. Injective provides developers with powerful plug-and-play modules for creating unmatched dApps. Incubated by Binance, the Injective ecosystem is also supported by leading Web3 institutions such as Pantera, Jump Crypto, Mark Cuban, and more.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer platforms. It creates a global hacker movement and provides crypto native toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, grant DAOs, and public good staking. By far, more than 5300 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $60 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, DAOs, and more than 90 major blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora's infrastructure ( for open source funding and community governance.