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ABGA & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement

ABGA & Klaytn Blockchain Gaming Hackathon Recap and Result Announcement
“We believe that Blockchain Gaming is a track that can bring fresh blood and vitality to the crypto world…”

ABGA and KLAYTN joined hands to onboard early-stage blockchain gaming projects with earning opportunities and tickets to Web3 technologies, networking, community, and education. To compete for the prime, 84 global teams delivered deck of frameworks on the blockchain gaming technologies, facilities, platforms, and application tools.

Hoping to discover diamonds in the rough, a total of 16 BUIDL teams have made it to the top criteria and represent you the future of Blockchain Gaming!

1st Prize

Savanna Survival

SavannaSurvival is set to inspire gamers on wildlife, conservation & blockchain education in a very fun way! Learn about the natural world while exploring the many biomes of SavannaSurvival and contribute to conservation simply by being a part of our community, yet explore the new WEB 3.0 experiences as the first step into the blockchain world.

2nd Prize

Cyberpop Metaverse

Cyberpop is an open-world UGC blockchain metaverse game combined with exploration, combat and play- create- to- earn. It is the world's first open-world MMO- RPG metaverse game with cyber style.


A lassie's railway journey presented in the form of a unit drama. The game is based on the background stage of the projection world which is infested with madness and indifference.

3rd Prize

FindTruman Story-Gameplay

FindTruman is the First Alternate Reality Game in Metaverse. On FindTruman platform, you could experience the joy of story-gameplay, the reward of content co-creation and the potential airdrops of story NFTs.


GamePhylum is a game Information data aggregation platform that is built for the new wave of future Web3 games.

Multiverse Play

Building a largest X-ToEarn NFT management platform, fixing the P2E NFT idle issue & the P2E NFT supply problem, supporting D-app/GameFi communities, including players, NFT investors, content developers, guilds, and influencers, powered by our first-to-market intelligent demand-supply matchmaking & task scheduling Web3.0 technology.

ABGA’s Choice


ZiberBugs is a PvP focused, competitive autobattler created for gamers with a ‘fun first’ principle. It aspires to greatly increase the number of professional gamers in the world. The game seeks the perfect balance between people wanting to pay for entertainment and people wanting to contribute to the ecosystem and getting rewarded for it.

Klayn’s Choice

The Wake

The Wake is the world’s first and largest isometric multiplayer role-playing (MMORPG) game to feature Norse mythology in the metaverse.

Other Top 16 teams

Lingose Game

Lingose旨在建立一套基于区块链数据的Game ID系统,通过捕获用户链上行为来提供资质证明。 用户在链游当中的每一步足迹与成就都将成为自己的价值体现,从而更好的构建属于自己的Web3身份品牌。

Step Monsters

Step Monsters is a PokemonGo-style Move2Earn game that helps players earn token rewards from battling with monsters.

Cal Dance

CALDANCE is a Web 3.0 lifestyle ecosystem that integrates Blockchain fitness application, NFT digital asset, and GameFi model with real physical exercise and fitness equipment.


Evermoon is The WORLD'S FIRST Free-To-Play-To-Earn 3-lanes Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) NFT game. Evermoon offers a thrilling & fun 3-lanes 5v5 fighting mechanics, sustainable economy, and many in-game DeFi features that will entertain, empower, and enrich players around the world emotionally, physically, and financially.


Godel is a UGC metaverse publishing platform. Once DAOs and individuals create the 3D scenes with the Low-Code editor provided, the platform converts the 3D scenes into NFTs under ERC4907 protocol, which ensure the users’ ownerships in various activities such as rental, sale and Ads profit-sharing scheme.


The world’s first decentralized Gamefi distribution platform. We aim to build the bridge to the metaverse game world, and the most profitable platform for gamers, which brings game projects, players, and investors all closer together and empowers players' equal rights to participate in the gaming revolution.

Galactic War

Galactic War is the biggest FPS NFTs game with AAA-Standard based on the Unreal Engine 5; we promise amazing gameplay and effects. We aim at the metaverse with VR technology, bringing a more realistic experience to E-sports as players battle in the Milky Way.

Orbit Meta

Orbit Meta is a visual technology game project that integrates NFT and Blockchain, creating a connecting space between parallel worlds from ancient to modern and serving the trend of play & earn.

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