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Overview of event

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a network transfer protocol designed to create persistent and distributed storage and sharing files. This technology is a content addressable peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol, the goal is to supplement, improve or even replace the current dominant Internet HTTP protocol, and can become the cornerstone of developers to build a meta-universe ecology.

The entrance to the future world has been opened, and KEN Labs invites outstanding developers from all over the world to participate in this geek feast to jointly create a new ecology of the future world!

20th April, 2022, the 2022 Metaverse Hackathon held by KEN Labs will be launched on DoraHacks developer platform. And the registration channel will be open from April 1st.

Prepared for you...

  • Generous bonus: $39K prize pool + exclusive gifts or souvenirs provided by KEN Labs!
  • Technical support: Participating projects have the opportunity to communicate directly with KEN Labs & PL, and get the full support of the technical team.
  • Potential investment opportunities: Online live selection with demo presentation, so that more investors can see your project.
  • Excellent practice opportunity: Metaverse Hackathon has a wide range of topics, as long as you have ideas, you can participate. For example, if you cannot complete the construction of the project due to resource constraints, you can submit ideas through PPT.
  • Team/project publicity exposure: Each project has the opportunity to participate in the Demo Day live broadcast to show the project and get a lot of exposure; after the hackathon is finished, there will be an exclusive interview on the excellent project.
  • High gold content project experience: PL protocol laboratory official endorsement, complete code building experience

Process flow

  • Registration:April 20 – May 31
  • Project submission:June 1-June 14
  • Public review:June 16-June 18
  • Expert Review& Award ceremony:June 20th



  • Champion: $10K USD+KEN Labs gift bag
  • Second Runner-up: 2*$5K USD+KEN Labs Souvenir
  • Third Runner-up: 3*$3K USD+KEN Labs & PL Souvenir
  • Participant: $10k USD for all other participants + KEN Labs & PL Souvenir


Judging Criteria

20% public rating + 80% expert rating

The KEN Labs technical team and invited professionals form a judging panel to judge the projects in the following dimensions:

  • Technical complexity
  • Creativity
  • Ecological contribution degree
  • Market potential
  • Project integrity(code and design)

The rating process is as follows:

  • Each team representative will be invited to a 12 minutes online roadshow (10 mins for demo and 2 mins for Q&A).
  • As all the project teams complete the roadshows, the judging panel rate, and announce the final winning teams.

Public Rating(20%)

  • Time: 8pm CST, 15/06
  • Channel: KEN Labs official account
  • Submit information: Team picture + introduction / slogan, etc., within 150 words
  • Rating criteria: The team with most votes scores 20 points. Each following team receive 5% less scores.

Expert Rating(80%)

  • Time: 10am CST, 20th June
  • Channel: KEN Labs official website + live stream by bilibili
  • Rating criteria: by judging in the dimensions defined in the Judging criteria section, each project will be scored between 1 – 100 and multiply by expert rating 0.8.


1.Team size: individual or team(1-5).
2.Participants need to build open source projects based on IPFS related technologies.
3.Submitted projects can be ideas generated before the competition, or can use external open source tools, but the core code and functional implementation need to be completed during the hackathon.
4.Any code or materials must be submitted by 14/06.
5.Project submission
Each team need to creat a dedicated github repository. Teams must make sure all the code and other materials are submitted by the deadline of the competition.
Demo PPT (mandatory), Demo (optional), video (optional) and other related materials, If the team doesn't mind being visible to all, could also be uploaded to the corresponding repository before the end of the competition. Or send it to info@kencloud.com as the judging material for the judges. No materials can be submitted or modified when the competition time is up.
6.The intellectual property rights of the entries are owned by the team. After the competition, all the source code of the projects will be open source for reference by all sectors of the community.
7.The submitter of the project must promise that the content of the external material submitted or cited is legal and does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, otherwise he will be disqualified from the competition.
8.Grading rules
Submissions will be rated with decimal numbers between 1(worst) - 100 (best) by each judge and multiply by expert rating factor 0.8.

What projects can I apply for?

With the theme of "Metaverse Hackathon", KEN Labs hopes to provide more for the developers who understand technology and have ideas.

The definition of the theme is so broad that you can try your best on mini programs, desktop programs, mobile applications, websites, etc based on IPFS with the imagination of the participating team / individual. If there is no time or resources to complete this project, you can also provide a PPT/ text / video form of creative presentation.

Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome to participate, whether they are developers in the web2 domain, enthusiasts of computer science, professionals or volunteers who co-build Web3, computer learners and verified Turing test robots. This hackathon's education program will run through all the time. There is so much valuable practical information waiting for you to come to pick. As long as you have ideas, you can challenge and win more bonuses and technical learning opportunities.

*Do not need to pay any extra fees, do not need hardcore technical skills, individual or team can (1-5 people), can even regard it as an opportunity to practice.

How to apply ?

1.Via dorahacks.
Register-Submit-Complete registration
BUIDL Submission Guide: https://dorahacks.io/blog/guides/application-guide-metaverse-hackathon/

2.Via the official website of KEN Labs.
Team/personal Information-Community - assist in signing up

About KEN Labs

KEN Labs builds Trustless Cloud of Web3 for industries and brings trust and integrity into the data life cycle by providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all artifacts, actions, and dependencies, at scale. Our open source ledger database, JiaoziDB, provides a transparent, immutable, encrypted and verified transaction log, which will be a robust storage foundation for Web3 on-chain and off-chain applications and over billions of users.

2022 元宇宙·黑客松 活动概述

IPFS(星际文件系统)是一个旨在创建持久且分布式存储和共享文件的网络传输协议。该技术是一种内容可寻址的对等超媒体分发协议,目标是为了补充、 改进甚至是取代目前统治互联网的 HTTP 协议,能够成为开发者构建元宇宙生态的基石。通向未来世界的入口已打开,KEN Labs 诚邀全球优秀开发者参与此次极客盛宴,共同创造未来世界新生态!

2022 年 4月20日,由 KEN Labs 发起的 2022 元宇宙·黑客马拉松DoraHacks 开发者平台上正式启动! 并在即日起(4月1日)正式开启报名通道。


  • 丰厚奖金: 39K 美元(折合人民币 24.8 万元)奖金池+KEN Labs 提供的专属礼品或纪念品!
  • 技术支持: 参赛项目有机会和 KEN Labs & Protocol Labs(PL)官方直接交流, 获得技术团队的全程协助。
  • 潜在投资机会: 在线直播评选+Demo 展示,业内专家加盟,让更多投资人看到你的项目
  • 绝佳实践机会: “元宇宙·黑客松”选题宽泛,只要有想法都可以参与进来,如因资源等方面的限制不能完成项目的构建,可通过 PPT 形式提交创意
  • 团队/项目宣传曝光: 每个参赛项目都有机会参与 Demo Day 直播进行项目展示,获得大量曝光;黑客松结束后,还会对优秀项目进行专访。
  • 高含金量的项目经历: PL 协议实验室官方加持,完整代码构建经历


  • 报名申请: 4月20日——5月31日
  • 项目提交: 6月1日——6月14日
  • 大众评审: 6月16日——6月18日
  • 专家评审/项目颁奖: 6月20 日上午 10:00



  • 领航者(第一名*1): $10k(折合人民币 63642 元)+KEN Labs 定制礼包
  • 畅想者(第二名*2): $5k(折合人民币 31821 元)+KEN Labs 专属纪念品
  • 设想者(第三名*3): $3k(折合人民币 19092 元) +KEN Labs &PL 联名纪念品
  • 构想者(创意奖*其余参与者): $10k(折合人民币 63642 元/其余参与者)+KEN Labs &PL 联名纪念品



大众评审(20%) +专家评审(80%)

KEN Labs 技术团队及特邀评委组成评审小组,就以下维度对参与项目作出公正评议(仅供参考,评审小组拥有最终解释权):

a) 技术复杂性

b) 理念创新性

c) 生态贡献度

d) 市场潜力

e) 项目完整性(代码和设计)


a) 分别邀请各团队代表进行线上路演。每个项目共 12 分钟(10 分钟路演,
2 分钟问答);

b) 所有项目团队完成项目路演后,评委线上讨论,结合投票占比,评出最


6 月 14 日晚 12:00 前,通过邮箱、社群等渠道确认团队/个人信息(团队图
片/+团队介绍/口号等, 150 字以内)用于投票, 6 月 15 日晚 20:00 发布参赛项目推文,参赛选手在【KEN Labs】公众号上进行投票。

最后依据排名以第一名20 分为标准,以 5%为比例依次减少,以此类推。

6 月 20 日上午 10:00/北京时间,通过直播形式在 B 站凯云实验室或KEN Labs 公众号进行项目评选。





我们对于主题的定义很宽泛,完全可以发挥你的小宇宙,基于 IPFS 协议做 多元化的项目形式,参赛团队/个人可以充分想象,小程序,桌面程序,移动应 用、网站等等项目。如果没有时间或资源完成这个项目,可以提交 PPT/文字/视 频形式的创意宣讲。


欢迎所有人参与,无论是 web2 领域的开发者、计算机行业爱好者、共建 Web3 的志愿者、还是计算机领域的学习者、图灵测试认证的机器人。本次黑客 松的教育项目将会贯穿始终,超多有价值的干货等你来 pick,只要你有想法, 就可以来挑战,赢取高额奖金和技术学习机会哦~

*不需要支付任何额外的费用,不需要多硬核的技术功底,个人或者团队 都行(1-5 人),甚至可以把它当做一次实践的机会。


  • 通过 dorahacks 提交项目申请。更多帮助请查看:DoraHacks Hackathon项目提交指南
  • 在项目提交过程中,如需要帮助可通过 【KEN Labs】公众号回复【黑客松】求助小助手。


凯云实验室致力于构建面向Web3.0的免信任云基础设施,并通过为所有工件、动作和依赖提供端到端,可扩展,加密可验证的追踪和溯源,将信任和完整性带入数据生命周期。 我们的开源账本数据库:JiaoziDB,提供一个透明的、不可变的、加密验证的交易日志,成为Web3链上和链下应用及其数十亿用户的坚实存储基石。