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Created by @kakte
Created on 2023/09/11
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kakte · 2023/09/11

No Profile NFT Minting Page #729

First, let me introduce myself as Kakte. Since 2017, I have focused on community management in Indonesia. Recently, I have been thinking about taking part in the Builder ecosystem. And Here is #MyFirstIdea Create a collectible NFT running on top of the Venom Testnet. NFT Name: No Profile Network: Venom Testnet Concern: Standing equally, working together. Unique Points: 1: People can upload photos with a 1:1 ratio, and then the system will generate the image into a silhouette with the same background and primary color. 3. People can mint the results. Challenge: Wallet integration connects to Venom Integration of the NFT collection into Venom Upload and generate image features, etc. I can't work alone; I need someone to build this product together, and so far, I have. Domain: https://noprofile.xyz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/noprofilexyz #venom
CC0 (Public Domain)