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Created on2023/05/23
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hacker851c817 · 2024/04/01

# #969850

Muhteşem para kazandıran platform#ideathon-ideathon
alaxed · 2024/02/28

OneSound #726969

hacker1fc60e8 · 2023/09/13

66 #740

averageL · 2023/05/28

RWA Ideathon #318

Web3 is too far away from massive adoption. An industry that dominate by players and whales is too boring How to onboard next billion useres? RWA, or Real-World-Assets might be a good option. ERC-3525(https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-3525) is an interesting idea on EVM chains. What about implementations on other high-performance chains like Aptos, Solana or SEI? Or even a RWA specific chain on L0 infra like Cosmos?<br><br> Other than real estate, what are some interesting asset categories that can be brought onchain? <br>- Insurance - ABS/MBS - Structured finance product - Supply-chain Finance - International Payment Transfer And how will bringing these assets on-chain help stakeholders? - Transparency - Better risk-management - Faster and cheaper Will be cool to see a RWA Hackathon in the future! #ideathon-ideathon
phamvuphuong98 · 2023/05/24

synthesize testnet and guide how to make testnet #263

#ideathon-ideathon <br>#ideathon-ideathon projects can publish projects and detailed instructions on how to do testnet
hacker755fb12 · 2023/05/23

gaming project devlop #254

#ideathon-ideathon idea through a raw material  of any newly metaverse platform devlop this could be great idea i thing .NFT platform may big on coming few year build newly nft base game highly effective  .
Eric · 2023/05/23

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An ideathon can be created with hashtag #ideathon-ideathon This ideathon is about ideas about ideathons.