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Created by @Dora Dōjo
Created on 2023/09/11
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Dora Dōjo · 2023/09/17

One of the current challenges in the field of astronomical research #749

#DojoWorkshop #Astronomy Figuring out how to reduce/eliminate the growing constellation of satellites from astronomical images is a key area of concern. Similarly in radio astronomy, we contend with growing radio frequency interference (also from satellites, but also basically all other electronic devices) as time goes on. Dealing with those problems is probably an area that requires less astronomy-specific knowledge and more about signals and smart programming.
CC0 (Public Domain)
Dora Dōjo · 2023/09/11

Dojo Workshop - Gravitational Wave Astronomy with a Precision Pulsar Timing Array Detector #728

Hey #Astronomy enthusiasts! 🚀 Mark your calendars for our upcoming workshop on Gravitational Wave Astronomy with a Precision Pulsar Timing Array Detector, presented by Michael Lam (Astronomer, Research Scientist at SETI Institute, Research Assistant Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology). Don't miss out on learning and getting inspired! ⏰ Time: Wednesday Sep 13th 9 AM ET 📺 Youtube: https://youtube.com/live/9IF6KQX6e6g ✨ Description: NANOGrav collaboration detects low-frequency gravitational waves using radio pulsars distributed across the galaxy. They measure pulse arrival times, accounting for various factors, and report correlated gravitational-wave signals. In this workshop, their recent results will be highlighted, including implications for supermassive black hole binary dynamics in merging galaxies and searches for these binaries, along with exploring gravitational wave signals from new physics. 💡 If you have any questions regarding this topic or any other astronomy-related questions, please feel free to share them in the comment and we will make sure to bring them up during the Q&A session with Michael.
CC0 (Public Domain)