hacker3998 · 2023/05/25

The market will go to heaven #277

Just look at the Bitcoin trend, everything is starting
hacker3abcaa1 · 2023/05/24

AI Meme Token Assistant #272

A decentralized meme token that acts as an autonomous agent to holders.
MichaelH · 2023/05/24

New projects, new possibilitys #264

здравствуйте, лично я хотел бы, чтобы больше проектов было построено на веном Блокчейн, а кто является держателем венома, чтобы была возможность купить первым из нового проекта, построенного на веноме
Manudu25 · 2023/05/22

NFT #246

I would like a NFT market place  to buy and mint.
Hackathon Admin · 2023/05/22

Some Tips for Hackers #228

- To avoid missing the deadline, you can submit a rough outline of your BUIDL information first and then gradually add more details before the deadline. The initial submission only takes 3 minutes.<br><br> - There might be specific requirements for specific hackathon, such as filling out forms or submitting certain information, etc. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these requirements. *For more information about requirements for participating in the Venom Hackathon, please see the “Terms and Conditions” tab. - Everyone is welcome to share ideas and leave comments on the idea board. Simply click on "Register as a Hacker" at the top first to start the idea sharing journey. Feel free to share your ideas, team formation needs, or any questions you may have about the hackathon.
grshabl · 2023/05/18

NFT marketplace for games #210

Marketplace with special api and functionality for games
Aefnurmahpuzhdin · 2023/05/12

“Possibility of accelerating miners’ selling tax” #169

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Jika Bitcoin terus meningkat, masalah ini dapat diselesaikan, tetapi jika tidak, penjualan Bitcoin yang dipegang oleh penambang dapat meningkat dalam beberapa bulan mendatang.
oden · 2023/05/11

Click "register as a hacker" first to post your idea here! #160

#Tips Otherwise you cannot see the posting button :(