Venom provides a Layer-0 blockchain solution that is infinitely scalable, thus allowing for onboarding of billions of users through applications solving real-world problems at scale. Venom Foundation is the first organization to be granted a license by the Abu Dhabi Global Markets to operate a blockchain. At the heart of Venom lies a determination to facilitate innovation as well as create a seamless transition between traditional and decentralized applications. Our ultimate aim is to become the go-to blockchain for every individual, driving widespread adoption and transforming the decentralized landscape.

Secure by design, scalable by nature.

We would like to welcome all participants to the first of many hackathons by Venom, in partnership with Dorahacks. With a total prize pool worth $225,000, there will be plenty of rewards up for grabs. This event aims to bring together web3 developers, engineers and creative minds to explore the potential of developing on Venom. This hackathon will provide a platform for collaboration, networking, exposure and educational opportunities. We invite all participants to showcase their skills and come up with new innovative solutions that can help shape the future of the blockchain industry.

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Why you should join

  • $225,000 worth of prizes to be given to 18 different submissions
  • Exposure to Venom’s $1B Venture Fund through Peter Knez and Mustafa Kheriba, Chairmen of Venom Ventures
  • Win pitch meeting with Venom Ventures (1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners only)
  • Exposure to VCs in the blockchain industry
  • First place winners will receive a security audit by Hacken with all costs covered by Venom
  • Users who show the most engagement during office hours and mentorship sessions will be eligible for one of ten NFTs that will grant the user access to Developer_DAO’s closed community.


Developer DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that brings together developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs from around the world with the common goal of accelerating the advancement of Web3. By operating with a bottom-up structure and without a central authority, it allows members to collaborate and share resources to create impactful Web3 projects. Developer DAO's mission is to provide developers with the tools they need to succeed in building meaningful projects and contributing to the evolution of Web3.

Hacken is a renowned cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive services to protect businesses and individuals from cyber threats. With a focus on blockchain security solutions, Hacken offers a range of services including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, security audit, and incident response. Founded in 2017, the company operates from Kyiv, Ukraine and has earned a reputation as a leader in the cybersecurity space. Hacken's commitment to promoting cybersecurity aligns with their mission to create a safe and secure digital world for everyone.


Event Dates
Opening Ceremony Monday - 8th of May
Development Period Begins Monday - 8th of May
Submission deadline Saturday - 10th of June
Judging Begins Saturday - 10th of June
Awards Ceremony Saturday - 17th of June

Tracks and Development ideas

Web3, NFT & Gaming

Goal: Build a successful NFT, gaming or WEB3 project

Innovate and create solutions while utilizing technologies such as decentralized systems, blockchain and NFTs in the gaming industry. Participants are expected to present unique and exciting ideas that push the boundaries of current gaming experiences, promote ownership and control over assets, and foster a more equitable and decentralized ecosystem.

  • Games
  • Metaverse
  • Social media
  • Secure messaging
  • Soul bound tokens

DeFi & CBDCs

Goal: Bring decentralized finance opportunities to Venom

  • Asset management
  • Stable coins
  • Decentralized exchange
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
  • Lending & Borrowing platforms
  • Tokenized assets
  • Data analytical platforms

Tools & Infrastructure

Goal: Provide tools to help builders or improve interoperability

  • Wallets
  • Cross border payment solutions
  • Subscription services
  • Storage solutions
  • Oracles
  • Payment solutions
  • Distributed ledgers
  • NFT collection
  • NFT marketplace

We are looking for projects that leverage DeFi and CBDCs to create new financial products and services that are secure, transparent and accessible to everyone. Participants are expected to show projects that address real-world financial problems and the potential of DeFi and CBDCs to revolutionize the financial sector.

  • Insurance platform
  • Credit score protocol

Participants should present projects that address current pain points and limitations in blockchain technology, and provide new and improved tools and infrastructure that help scale, secure, and simplify the use of blockchain in various applications. The focus is on creating solutions that are efficient, user-friendly, and easily integratable with existing systems.

Prize pool and breakdown

The overall prize pool for the Venom hackathon amounts to $225,000 USD, which includes $207,000 USD in USDT prizes along with the added value of security audits by Hacken and NFTs from Developer DAO, together equating to an extra $18,000 USD.

The prize pool will be divided evenly among the three different tracks, with each track receiving a total of $69,000. A total of 18 submitted projects will be awarded prizes, and all hackathon rewards will be distributed in the form of stablecoins (USDT/USDC).

Prizes pool:


  • Developer DAO NFTs - Rewarded to members who are engaging during office hours

Entry Requirements

  • Projects are built for the Venom ecosystem and in the T-Sol language
  • Teams can close-source GitHub repo during the hackathon, but are required to open-source after the last day of BUIDL submission deadline.
  • Entrants undertake to submit projects that do not violate relevant laws and regulations, infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any third parties, or will otherwise be disqualified
  • All Submission materials must be in English or, if not in English, the Entrant must provide an English translation of the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions as well as all other materials submitted.

    *For more information please see the “Terms and Conditions” tab


  1. Louis Tsu - CTO of Venom Technologies
  2. Peter Knez - Chairman of Venom Ventures Fund
  3. Mustafa Kheriba - Chairman of Venom Ventures Fund
  4. Daryll Netscher - CSO of Venom Technologies
  5. David Atkinson - Co-Founder of Holochain
  6. Noah Jelich - Lead smart contract auditor at Hacken
  7. Chris Zaknun - CEO of DAO Maker
  8. Sergey Chernikov - CTO of Combot

Judging criteria

Web3, NFT and Gaming

- Originality and creativity of the project concept
- User experience and design
- Integration with web technologies (smart contract, wallet, etc.)
- Potential for commercial viability and scalability

DeFi & CBDCs

- User experience and design of the application
- Technical feasibility and security of the project
- Potential for real-world adoption and impact on financial systems
- Potential for scalability and commercial viability
- Contribution to financial inclusivity and decentralization

Tools & infrastructure

- User experience and ease of use
- Innovative use of Venom’s technology
- Potential for scalability and commercial viability
- Contribution to the overall growth and development of Venom