Build and Innovate with Account Abstraction Modules

We are inviting talented individuals and teams to participate in creating cutting-edge Account Abstraction (AA) Modules. This is your opportunity to contribute to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, showcasing your skills and creativity.


Unhosted is an Account Abstraction Wallet with a complementary marketplace of AA automations where developers earn 10% of the gas markup going through their module.

Our goal is to enrich our crypto wallet platform with a diverse range of AA Modules. These modules should not only enhance the functionality and user experience of our wallet but also embody the principles of decentralization and innovation in the crypto world.

Bounty Details

  • Develop Account Abstraction Modules: Create modules that can integrate seamlessly with our crypto wallet, offering new functionalities or enhancing existing ones.

  • Innovation and Creativity: We are looking for modules that bring novel ideas, efficient DeFi strategies, or solve existing problems in unique ways. From 1 click to coplex multi step module, its up to you.

Rewards and Incentives

Bounty Prize: Developers will be rewarded with a bounty prize ranging from $1000 to $250 with a possibility of additional bonuses spread amongst the top contenders. Submissions will be judged on both complexity and utility.

  • 1st Place - $1000
  • 2nd - 6th Place - $500
  • 7th - 15th Place - $250

Additional $2000 will be split amongst the following categories:

1) Most Profitable Module: Awarded to the module demonstrating the highest potential for financial return and economic impact.

2) Most Innovative Module: Recognizes the module that introduces the most novel approach and groundbreaking technology in account abstraction.

3) Most Creative Module: Celebrates the module with the most original and imaginative design, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.

4) Best Interoperability: For a module that demonstrates the best compatibility and interaction with different blockchain systems or protocols.

Gas Markup Earnings: In addition to the initial bounty, deployers will receive 10% of the gas markup collected on their module, creating a potential for ongoing revenue as long as their module remains in demand.

Submission Guidelines

  • Documentation: All submissions must include a brief explanation of the module and a demo explaining the module’s functionality, setup, and integration process.

  • Code Standards: Submissions should adhere to high coding standards, with emphasis on security, efficiency, and scalability.

  • Testing: Modules must be thoroughly tested to ensure reliability and compatibility. Winners will be audited internally.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Innovation: How novel and creative is the module?
  • Utility: Does the module provide tangible benefits to users?
  • Quality: Code quality, security, and performance.
  • Integration: Ease of integration with our existing wallet platform (Safe Biconomy).


  • Submission Opening Date: [30 days starting from 2nd of January]
  • Submission Deadline: [31.01.2024]
  • Evaluation Period: [2 weeks]
  • Announcement of Winners: [Feb 14th]

How to Participate

  • Watch the demo video to get familiar with the wallet setup.

  • Follow the necessary steps for module creation and deployment outlined in our documentation.

  • Deploy your module on the test net, test it, record or outline the result and submit your module for review using Unhosted Wallet.

4 Easy Steps for module creation:

  1. Design & deploy your handler

  2. Using our wallet deploy the strategy module

  3. Enable the module

  4. Test the module functionality with Unhosted Wallet.

Password - unhosted

Support and Resources

We will provide technical support and guidance on our discord. Make sure to engage with our community there for discussions, collaborations, and support.

Final Remarks

With Unhosted, you'll harness a suite of DeFi protocol handlers, like the maestro of an orchestra, turning complex strategies into harmonious solutions that users didn't even know they needed. And the best part?

Your innovation pays—literally. With our Fee Rewards system, 10% of the fees generated by your strategies go directly to you, creating a continuous stream of income as recognition for your genius.

We look forward to seeing your innovative solutions and welcoming you to our community of pioneering developers!