Judging Criteria

  • Technical Implementation:

    • How unique is the technical implementation of the project?
    • How well is it engineered?
  • Innovation:

    • How original, creative, novel, and valuable is the project?
    • Does it bring something new and unique to the ecosystem?
  • Usefulness:

    • How helpful is the project for the intended users?
    • Does it solve a real problem or pain point?
  • User Experience:

    • How easy and intuitive is the project for experts and beginners?
  • Impact on the Omnichain Ecosystem:

    • How much does this project improve the ecosystem?
    • Does it drive adoption, provide better tools, or improve the architecture?
  • Potential for Future Growth:

    • How much potential does the project have for future growth and development?
  • Overall Presentation:

    • How well is the project presented, including the demo video and documentation?

Winners will have the opportunity to enter MAP Protocol Closed Dev Circle and may also have the chance to receive investment opportunities and mentorship from Eco fund of MAP Protocol.