Welcome to the Infinite Space Bazaar, Celestia’s first global online hackathon! This hackathon is about bringing together the entire Web3 community to push the boundaries of what is possible in the modular ecosystem.

At the Infinite Space Bazaar, we are aiming to provide the following:

  • Get a lot of cool applications built on rollups from the Gaming to DeFi to NFTs
  • Innovate on Modular architecture and push the boundaries of what is possible with scaling Web3
  • Integrate new technologies in the modular stack to create new primitives
  • Improve the user experience so the modular ecosystem can onboard new users
  • Support the communities in the Infinite Space Bazaar

Key Dates

  • Submission Deadline - May 17, 2024

Infinite Space Bazaar Houses

All participants in the Infinite Space Bazaar will be able to join one of the 4 houses based on the values they align with:

  • House Puddletrail - For the optimists and the honest
  • House Whimsifall - For the fun loving and playful
  • House Mindflux - For the mystical and powerful
  • House Lumentree - For the creatives and the daring

You as the participant in the Infinite Space Bazaar can select which House you can join but you can form teams with friends in other houses. The point here is you select a House based on which values you identify with as an individual. Over time, we will have more cool things for each house, like events, meetups, NFTs and swag .


Build Whatever: $50K

  • Build applications on existing testnets or a rollup you deployed in certain categories.
  • Includes General Applications, Gaming, NFTs, DeFi, ecosystem wishlist.

UX: $22.5K

  • Infra to minimize onboarding and onchain UX to the number of interactions.
  • Web2 authentication, onboarding, identity, PWAs

Core: $20K

Includes Bridging, Rollups, Developer Toolings, Protocol, Infrastructure, ecosystem wishlist

Community: $7.5K

Storytelling, design and illustrations, DAOs

Prize Eligibility

  • Submitting the same project across multiple hackathons will lead to disqualification
  • Only projects or features built specifically for the Infinite Space Bazaar will be considered
  • Broken links, no GitHub repos, no working demos may disqualify the project from the judging process
  • Celestia Foundation prizes will be awarded as follows:
    • Prizes will be awarded in TIA, with 25% of the TIA unlocked at award and 75% locked for 4 months. The TIA prize will be calculated based on a reasonable conversion method chosen by the awarding entity.
    • For eligible participants in the United States, prizes will be awarded in USDC as follows:
      • 25% of the prize will be paid up front.
      • 75% of the prize will be paid after 4 months.
      • Amounts of USDC will be calculated based on how much TIA the recipient would have received under a TIA-denominated prize, with a conversion to USDC at the time of each payment using a reasonable conversion method.
      • For example, if the TIA prize included 25 TIA unlocked at award and 75 TIA unlocked after 4 months, then a USDC prize will consist of:
        • 25 TIA worth of USDC at the time of the prize, converted at that time
        • 75 TIA worth of USDC after 4 months, converted at that time
    • Prize recipients will be required to pass a compliance screen.

Submission Guidelines

At a minimum submissions for prizes must have the following to be considered for judging:

  • Project Description
    • The name and summary of the project
    • Names of each participants and the Houses of each participants and their contact info (GitHub handle, Twitter handle, Telegram handle, email)
    • How this project uses Celestia with explicit links to where in the code it uses Celestia
  • Link to publicly visible source code repository
    • Comprehensive README, with a clear description of the project and mention how Celestia is used in the Technologies Used section
    • A link to a working demo or test guide
  • Showcase (optional)
    • 2-3 minute video describing the project that presents the idea and showing how Celestia is used

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality: Technical complexity and the level of skill required to implement the project. How well the code is written and organized. How does it integrate with Celestia and other technologies
  • Originality: Uniqueness of the idea and its approach. How creatively the project addresses a specific problem or need within the Web3 and modular ecosystem.
  • Practicality: Project's potential for real-world application and its ability to address a genuine need in the Web3 and modular space.
  • Thrill Factor: Project's potential impact on the modular ecosystem. Project's ability to evoke an emotional response or connection. Projects that inspire, excite, or provoke thought have a strong Wow! Factor.

About Us

The Celestia Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to guiding the Celestia ecosystem and upholding its values.

The role of the Foundation is one among many organizations and individuals contributing to the development of Celestia. In its role, the Foundation supports and allocates resources towards research and development, open-source public goods, and open core development processes for Celestia.