ICC Camp is an intensive program designed to propel Web3 Gaming initiatives forward. Through strategic collaborations with prominent institutions and experts within the Web3 industry, ICC Camp offers invaluable support to nurture the growth of selected projects.

ICC Camp is a 6-month accelerating program focusing on Web3 Gaming, and will provide comprehensive support for Web3 gaming startup projects entrepreneurs aspiring to explore the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The selected startup teams can get comprehensive guidance from a strong lineup of mentors, massive resource support from partnered institutions, and the investment opportunity from the speciated investment plan, etc.

Launching officially in March 2024, ICC Camp S1 extends a warm invitation to founders and C-level executives spearheading startups focused on Web3 gaming. Whether you lead a game studio, tools, platforms, or other related ventures, we encourage you to complete the form and join us on this exciting journey of collective building and growth!

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Application Entrance

Interested individuals can participate by scanning the QR code on the poster or clicking the registration link below to embark on this journey of Web3 gaming innovation.

Application Link: https://forms.gle/eGnd2QpEXxStqm8y6


Mentor Lineup


Time Line

  • 2024.01 – 2024.02 Registration and Admission Period
  • 2024.03 - 2024.04 Course and Study Tour Period [Hong Kong & Singapore]
  • 2024.05 - 2024.08 Observation and Support Period

Entrepreneur Requirement

  • Should be co-founders/C-levels within the project
  • The Web3 gaming project needs to be approved
  • Entrepreneurs need to participate in and pass the interview

Entrepreneur Benefits

  • A strong lineup of industry experts offering professional courses
  • Personalized mentoring throughout the program (each student paired with a dedicated mentor)
  • Scholarships for outstanding students
  • $3 million USD specialized investment plan (directed towards exceptional ICC Camp students)
  • Strong support from public chain grants (up to 20 grant opportunities)
  • Up to $100,000 USD in cash credits from Google Cloud
  • Green listing channels on collaborating exchanges
  • Exclusive discounts from top audit firms
  • Tailored wallet services/wallet DApp store promotion
  • Support across traffic/media/community platforms
  • Global study tour plans (Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.)
  • Extensive resource connections
  • To be continued

*Outstanding participants will have the opportunity to receive the special investment support of 3 million dollars. The final explanation right belongs to ICC Camp.

*Throughout the entire project execution process, ensure that these revenue points are clearly and transparently communicated to attract high-quality entrepreneurs to participate and ensure that they fully benefit from the resources and opportunities of the entrepreneurial camp. At the same time, establish clear rules and conditions for token allocation to ensure fairness and transparency. In addition, feedback is continuously collected to improve and optimize all aspects of the entrepreneurship camp, ensuring the success of the project and the satisfaction of the entrepreneur.

ICC Camp S1 consists of 2 phases with 6 months in total

FIRST 2 MONTHS: Offline Course + Study Tour

Course Arrangement

Offline courses are held once a month for 3 days, including lectures and in-depth communication. We will hold courses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul (pending) and Tokyo (pending) to ensure that students have access to Web3 game ecosystems in different regions.

Study Tour Experience

  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Seoul (Pending)
  • Tokyo (Pending)

LAST 4 MONTHS: Observation period and service period

Observation Period:

Observe the learning progress and development of students in the first two months of offline courses, such as class grouping, and have weekly or biweekly online meetings with each group of students. Help outstanding students connect with more resources in entrepreneurial development.

Service Period:

  • Investment and financing matching——Organize online and offline investment and financing activities to help students establish connections with potential investors and partners.

  • Resource rights negotiation——From the perspective of ICC camp as the accelerator, negotiate resource rights with partners to increase the value of entrepreneurs.

  • Project empowerment and value-added——Coordinate with partners in various ecosystems to ensure that outstanding students can receive various sponsorships and scholarships, such as scholarships/grants provided by various public chain ecosystems, credit support from cloud service providers, preferential cooperation on future coins, and benefits and services provided by other partners.

  • Entrepreneur support and services——Provide comprehensive support to students to solve any problems they may encounter during the entrepreneurial process, including legal, financial, technical, and other fields.