Getting Started [1-2 MIN]

Step. 1 Complete your personal info

0. Before that, make sure that you already have an account.

Use the Sign in/up button at the upper right corner of the page to access the sign-up options.


Github, crypto wallet and email are supported for creating an account. For BUIDLers, we recommend you to connect the account to your github to make more people know what you are building at any time.

*You may be asked to receive a verification code via email if you’re new to The email may take some time to arrive. No worries! The code will not expire in 10 minutes when you click “send code”.

1. Click [Avatar] -> [Profile] to enter the Account Center, and click the "Edit Profile" button under your info.


2. Fill in the form as required. (Contact details, GitHub, Skills and Interest)

Frame 17.jpg

Step. 2 Register at a Hackathon

1. Click “Register as Hacker” and confirm.


2. When registration succeeds, you'll see your info on “Hacker” tab!