• Check out Dora Grant DAO the Grantees(Round1-6) at the "Results" tab.

  • Initial Screening [7th round]: July 15th - 22nd, 2024

*All applicants can apply for future round if with iterative progress. No resubmission is required, but simply update iterations in “Milestone” on your BUIDL page for re-screening.

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Dora Grant DAO — Long-term Funding Program

Dora Grant DAO is a community-driven program to fund the hacker movement - explore and assist hackers with innovative ideas, and eventually help them build important products for the future of multi-chain Web3 ecosystem.

The grantees will be offered the valuable opportunities to obtain funding to further develop their projects (BUIDLs) and achieve milestones that they have set out. Meanwhile, they will also get access to the Dora community and corresponding resources helpful for the teams in the further development.

All BUIDLs will be screened before entering community voting. The 7th screening and funding round of Dora Grant DAO will provide up to $50k to fund BUIDL proposals, based on zero-knowledge voting results of vcDORA community. Voting will happen on DoraHacks.io.


We’ll prioritize providing grants and funding to projects that falls under the below categories:

  • Projects committed to building key blockchain infrastructure and applications, such as CookBook (a grantee of the second round of the Dora Grant DAO).

  • Community and media organizations that grows the Public Good Staking community and/or the DoraHacks hackathon community. Communities and media organizations advocating the development of the Appchain ecosystem.

  • Projects dedicated to building Appchain infrastructure and public goods, for example, Confio (developers of CosmWasm), PingPub (an open-source blockchain explorer), and Dora Vota MACI (providing open MACI infrastructure), etc.

  • Research and tools related to funding public goods, including the innovative design of governance tools.

  • Projects related to the Dora Vota ecosystem, including Vota network infrastructure, IBC-related tools, MACI derivative applications, and research on MACI.

  • Early-stage startup projects from multi-chain and emerging Appchain ecosystems.

Dora Grant DAO will fund three types of BUIDLs/ideas:

1. Multi-chain Web3 infrastructures and toolings solving critical problems;

2. Crypto-native applications;

3. Intersections between crypto and other frontier technologies;

The screening rounds are based on several criteria to make sure that BUIDL proposals entering vcDORA community voting session would meet the mandate of Dora Grant DAO:

1. A real, legit team.

2. The team members have proper background and intention to build the proposed product.

3. The team is product- / technology-focused.

4. The team builds products based on the First Principles.

5. MVP / early-stage product available and team is actively developing with a clear roadmap.
*Or, funding BUIDL idea is possible when the idea is thoroughly thought through. In this case, papers or articles are required to present the idea, its development and application in the real world.

6. Early-stage BUIDLs (pre-PMF is acceptable): startups/projects that have not launched private round, seed funding round or any further fundraising rounds.

7. BUIDL proposal should be aligned with the interests of vcDORA community.

*All applicants can apply for future round if with iterative progress. No resubmission is required, but simply update iterations in “Milestone” on your BUIDL page for re-screening.

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Timeline (Round 7)

  • Registration: Long-lasting

  • Opening Ceremony [LIVE]: (Replay >)

  • Initial Screening [7th round]: July 15th - 22nd, 2024

(Submission before July 15th will be reviewed in the 7th round.)

  • Screening Result Announcement [7th round]: July 22nd, 2024

  • Grant Proposal Submission [7th round]: July 22nd - 24th, 2024

  • Community Voting [7th round]: TBD

Entry to Dora Grant DAO Long-term Funding Program will be always open for application, but application review and fund distribution will happen periodically in sequential rounds.

How Dora Grant DAO Supports Early Projects

  • Grant Funding: Long-term submission and periodical funding distribution; the 7th round of application review offers up to $50,000 in the funding pool.

  • Connect With Other Startups & Developers: A hub provided for forefront Web3 BUIDLers and entrepreneurs.

  • Gateway to vcDORA Community: 3K+ DORA community members will know your projects and vote to support.

How to Apply?

1. Visit Dora Grant DAO Hackathon to submit a BUIDL and fill out the required information (see Application Guide.

2. BUIDLs that pass the initial screening must submit a Grant Funding Proposal to Discourse - DoraHacks Community Governance Forum.

3. After being selected for the Grant, BUIDLs will go through Community Voting and receive grant funding, however per may vary on the Community Voting results.

Note: Grantees with Iterative BUIDLs can re-apply to the future rounds of Dora Grant DAO. No resubmission is required, but simply update iterations in “Milestone” on your BUIDL page for re-screening.

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Funding Pool Allocation Rules

Dora Grant DAO comes in a total amount of $50,000 in the 7th application review and funding round, and the rules for allocation are as follows:

  • Selected BUIDLs must submit a Grant Funding Proposal prior to participating in the Community Voting.

  • Community Voting will determine which BUIDLs‘ Grant Funding Proposal will be approved.

  • The prize will be awarded in the order of the Community Voting results. Starting with the first place, the following BUIDLs will be allocated the proposed amount until the $50,000 prize pool has been distributed.

  • Due diligence will be conducted on the eligibility of every round grantee from Dora Grant DAO. DoraHacks reserves the rights of any revocation/adjustment of the grants.

Knowledge partner (Bonus): Decentralised.co premium subscription

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How to Vote by vcDORA

Voting Period (for 7th round of screening): TBD.

The voting ticket used here is vcDORA, short for “voice credit DORA”, free community governance credit generated by staking $DORA tokens.

vcDORA is the general non-transferable voice credit for DORA community governance, and the amount of vcDORA associated with an address is related to the amount of DORA staked, the duration of staking, and time elapsed since the initial staking date.

It has following features:

  • Decaying spontaneously and linearly: the vcDORA one holds will turn ZERO at the end of staking period. Please note to stake and vote at the reasonable time.
  • Non-transferable: vcDORA is designed to grant the governance credit to the stakers (the staking addresses), therefore it’s exclusive (or in popular term “soul-bound”) to the staker and is not allowed to be transferred.

  • Irrevocable: Staking is not allowed to be cancelled because it’s based on interactions with a smart contract. But it’s ok to increase staking amount or to prolong the staking period to get more vcDORA.

More about vcDORA https://doraresear.ch/2022/09/16/vcdora/

More rules of voting will be released before voting session starts. Please join DoraHacks Discord to stay updated.

Contact Us

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