The submission due for the Comdex Hackthon is now extended to October 25th, 2023!

GETTING SUPPORT: If you have any questions, please join the Comdex Hackthon Devs Group to get support. Alternatively, you can also reach out to the DoraHacks team at @dorahacksofficial on Telegram.


Welcome to the first Comdex Hackthon in partnership with DoraHacks! The focus on this Hackthon is to craft innovative and sustainable solutions on chain leveraging Comdex’s on chain modules tech.

Come be a part of the Comdex hackathon and unleash your potential by creating dapps utilizing the on-chain modules.


20,000 USD + upto USD 100,000 in grants

Judge Criteria

Design and Technological Implementation (5)

  • Does it work? Is it implementable? Did the team think about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)?

Technical complexity (5)

  • Is the project technically impressive? Complex? How technically sophisticated / advanced / elegant was the solution?

Potential Impact (5)

  • How big of an impact could the project have on the end users and/or the blockchain industry?
  • Does the project show quantitative user adoption or have the potential to be widely adopted?
  • Does the project provide new substantial value to the ecosystem?

Quality and Innovation of the Idea (5)

  • How creative, unique or innovative is the project?


Submission Requirements:

All submission need to deploy to Comdex Testnet and include the following;

  • incorporate unique use cases or implementation
  • a demo video illustrating the project in comprehensive detail
  • links to your code repository, website and socials to help judges review your submission. If the participant's website is private, the project must include login credentials in its testing instructions.
  • In the README: detail why your team went with the approaches they did
  • In the README: experience developing on Cosmos/Comdex

Multiple Submissions:

  • Entrants are allowed to submit more than one submission. However, each submission must be unique and substantially different from the others.

Submission Materials:

  • All submission materials must be in English, including the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions, as well as any other materials submitted.


  • Projects submitted to other hackathons or challenges need to be disclosed in the submission or README of the project.

  • Our judges will evaluate project submissions based on how the team implements their features and the uniqueness of the application. Top three projects will be awarded the prize pool.

Key Dates



June 19th to October 25th

Submission period

October 25th to November 5th 

Review and Judging

November 6th, 2023

Winner’s Project Demo/Closing Ceremony

Judge Panel




Dheeraj Dubey


VP Engineering

Surendra Patil


Head DevOps

Vishnu Kumavath


Lead Developer


Architect Nodes

Head of DevOps

About Comdex

Comdex is an Interchain DeFi infrastructure layer to build applications to power DeFi in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond by utilising on-chain modules of the prevailing primitives in the worlds of DeFi and Finance.

Comdex’s easy plug-and-play modules will enable developers to easily create their own customizable decentralized applications (dApps) within the Cosmos ecosystem. The Comdex chain is a Tendermint-based, IBC-enabled, layer-1 blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK with CosmWasm-integration.

As of now, there are three live applications on the chain, cSwap, Harbor Protocol and Commodo. The Comdex team developed all three projects.

dApps on the Comdex chain:

– cSwap - a decentralized, IBC-enabled exchange built on the Comdex chain. It uses a hybrid approach, combining both traditional AMM-based liquidity pools alongside an order book-based system.

– Harbor Protocol - an interchain stablecoin protocol that enables minting of the CMST stablecoin using various interchain assets as collateral. $CMST is an over-collateralized stablecoin backed by Interchain assets

– Commodo - Interchain liquidity protocol for lending-borrowing, built using the Comdex infrastructure.