Welcome to the BNB Chain Hackathon 2024: a hub of innovation where blockchain technology meets fresh creative ideas.

Kicking off the new year, we're excited to announce the "Building Smart and Fully-On-Chain Applications" hackathon. This event offers a great opportunity to explore the world of decentralized applications.

Join us and immerse yourself in a dynamic space where innovative minds and blockchain technology come together to create exciting real-world innovations!

Start your transformative journey by choosing the track that resonates with your passion and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer eager to make your mark, the BNB Chain Hackathon welcomes all.

Stay tuned for the opening ceremony, where we will unveil the full scope and details of the hackathon.

Apply here!

Important Dates

  • Registration & Workshop period: January 18 - February 15, 2024
  • Submission period: February 8 - 22, 2024
  • Winners announced: March 1, 2024

Submission Requirements

  1. Work must be deployed on or connected to BNB Greenfield, opBNB or BNB Smart Chain (BSC) in some way
  2. Work must be open source and free for others to use
  3. Shared artifacts (GitHub, deck, and a short video)
  4. Contract addresses must have at least 2 successful transactions within the hackathon timeframe
  5. For this hackathon, projects must be new developments and not awarded in any hackathon or previously funded to ensure equal opportunity.
  6. Participants must share a Tweet describing the project, use the hashtag #BuildonBNBChain and make sure to tag the specific challenge you are applying for!

If you have any questions, join us on our Discord hackathon support group.

Judging Criteria

Projects will be judged based on the following criteria:

Design and Usability Is the project designed well in terms of UX/UI? The Design and Usability category assesses how well the project is designed in terms of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Consider factors such as the intuitiveness of the interface, ease of navigation, and overall aesthetics.

Scalability Does the project have the potential to reach 100K users? Scalability is a critical aspect of any dapp. This category evaluates the project's potential to handle a substantial user base, with a focus on efficiency and performance. Consider how well the dapp can adapt and grow as the user load increases.

Open Source Has the code been open-sourced in full/partially? Open-source projects promote transparency and collaboration within the developer community. Evaluate whether the dapp's codebase has been open-sourced in full or partially, allowing others to review, contribute, and build upon the project.

Innovative What unique functionalities does your project offer? Innovative, that is only a fork of any project or a glaring copy of others' functionality with adding substantial innovation or moat either from a technical or business perspective.

BNB Chain Wishlist Is your project on the BNB Chain Wishlist categories? The BNB Chain wishlist comprises desired features and enhancements for the BNB Chain. Check is the project falls in any of the categories mentioned in the BNB Chain Wishlist. This is important to drive innovation and contribution to the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Feasibility and Eligibility for Incubation Does your project have the potential to be eligible for Incubation? To assess a project's long-term viability and eligibility for incubation, a comprehensive review of market fit, scalability, alignment with incubator objectives, team, technology, and adaptability to market dynamics is essential for gauging sustainability and success prospects.

Code Base Evaluation How efficiently can your codebase represent itself? Assessing a hackathon project's codebase requires scrutinizing clarity, functionality, and best practice compliance.