XION, one of the fastest growing L1's, is launching its first DoraHacks online hackathon. Aptly named the ABSTRACTATHON, it will take place from January 17th to February 14th.

The XION ABSTRACTATHON is dedicated to supporting the next generation of user friendly projects and reach as many developers looking to experiment and launch solutions utilizing XION’s Generalized Abstraction.


  • January 10th: Hackathon Registrations Open

  • January 17th: Hackathon Kickoff Ceremony @ 11am EST (building, workshops, and office hours begin)

  • February 14th: Hackathon Ends (last day to submit)

  • February 14th - 21st: Judging followed by winner Demo Day

  • February 27th: Winner Demo Day

Office Hours In addition to the ongoing developer support in Discord, we will be hosting weekly office hour slots for projects to receive 1-on-1 help in 15minute time slots. If no scheduled time slots are convenient, please reach out to fondue@burnt.com.

Office Hours

  • Tuesday, January 23rd from 11:00pm-11:59pm EST (Booking Link)
  • Thursday, January 25th from 11:00am-11:59am EST (Booking Link)
  • Monday January 29th to Friday February 2nd, from 11:00am-1:00pm EST (Booking Link)
  • Monday February 5th to Friday February 9th, from 11:00am-1:00pm EST (Booking Link)
  • Monday February 12th to Wednesday February 14th, from 11:00am-1:00pm EST (Booking Link)

Rewards & Opportunities

  • Prizes: The prize pool is $20,000 USDC with individual projects eligible to receive up to $8,000. There is an additional $10,000 worth of prizes offered by 42 Studio to 3 top projects to accelerate their growth.

  • Investment Opportunities: You have the opportunity to gain exposure to the thriving XION ecosystem, its partners, and top-tier VCs in the industry.

  • Growth Opportunities: Participants will also be highly encouraged to apply to the XION grants program with their submitted project, and winners will be shortlisted. You’ll also have the chance to transition your project to mainnet, enabling you to become a core and early contributor to the fast-growing XION ecosystem.

Halborn - Security Partner

  • Discounted Audits
  • Priority Queue Access

Judges & Partners

The judging panel is an all-star crew that includes core members, top-tier VCs, and ecosystem partners:

  • Burnt CEO
  • Burnt CTO
  • Multicoin Capital (Spencer A.)
  • Animoca (Nenter C.)
  • Coinbureau (Nic Puckrin)
  • OKX (Arik S.)
  • Mechanism Capital (Andrew K.)
  • Injective CEO (Eric C.)
  • Spartan (Calvin P.)
  • Hashkey (Jeffrey H.)
  • Delphi Digital (Alexander G.)
  • DVDT (Yosef S.)

Upcoming Workshops

  • Delphi Digital - From Hackathon to VC Funded Startup: Wed. February 7th, 8pm EST

And more!


There are multiple goals for XION’s hackathon:

  1. demonstrating XION’s potential to truly reach mainstream audiences through its unique Generalized Abstraction infrastructure
  2. continuing to grow and engage XION’s fast-growing developer community
  3. continuing to make the developer experience as seamless as possible, attracting developers both from within and outside the industry
  4. supporting the unique applications and use-cases that demonstrate potential with the opportunity of future funding & investments

Why build on XION?

XION is the first unifying L1 purpose-built for consumer applications. Its Generalized Abstraction layer enables seamless user experiences for everyday users. It includes protocol-level account abstraction, gasless transactions, signature abstraction, cross-device usage, fiat denominations, and more. By abstracting away all crypto complexities, XION allows the development of next-generation projects bringing Web3 to mainstream audiences worldwide. You have the opportunity to build the first truly consumer-friendly applications on XION today.

XION is backed by over $11M from top tier investors such as Circle, Animoca, Multicoin, Spartan, Hashkey, and more.

The XION ecosystem is thriving with over 90+ integrations, deployments, and partners. Its testnet has also achieved over 450k wallets and millions of transactions, enabling you to tap into an existing user-base right away.

Read more about XION's Generalized Abstraction at xion.burnt.com/whitepaper

Tracks & Ideas

The examples are just a few ideas to get you started. Feel free to explore and build ideas not listed below!

Top XION Project Award

  • The project that demonstrates the most potential across all verticals, utilizes XION’s Generalized Abstraction, and scores the highest among the evaluation criteria.


  • This track is an all encompassing use-case track for projects that utilize XION’s Generalized Abstraction layer to create the best user experiences by abstracting away complexities.

Track 2 - NFT

  • This track is for all projects that utilize NFTs for a variety of use-cases such as gaming, social, community, phygital, identity, and many more.

Track 3 - Infrastructure & Tooling

  • This track is for projects building infrastructure and tools for the XION ecosystem.

Submission Requirements & Evaluation

The XION ABSTRACTATHON is open to all CosmWasm-compatible projects!

Submission Requirements

  • Project Description
    • Name and summary of the project
    • Name of team member(s) and roles
    • An overview of what problem is being addressed and how the team resolves the identified problem through this creation
    • The design process behind the project
    • The value this project brings to the XION ecosystem
  • A demo video illustrating the project
  • A live demo link to interact with the project
  • The project must use XION's Meta Accounts for user interactions (when applicable)


  • All submission materials must be in English, including the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions, as well as any other materials submitted.
  • Projects submitted to other hackathons or challenges need to be disclosed in the submission or README of the project. Our judges will evaluate project submissions based on how the team implements their features and the uniqueness of the application.

How will submissions be judged?

Eligible submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Judging may take place in one or more rounds with one or more panels of Judges. Entries will be judged on their use of XION's Generalized Abstraction, on the criteria of originality and creativity, technicality and design, business model and feasibility, usability, use case, and contribution to the XION ecosystem.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Use of XION’s Generalized Abstraction
    • Does this project effectively utilize Generalized Abstraction to offer a seamless user experience?
    • Does this project utilize XION's Meta Accounts?
  • Project Sustainability & Potential Impact
    • Can this project continue to grow and evolve in the XION ecosystem?
    • How impactful is this project to the XION ecosystem?
  • User Experience & Design
    • Is the user experience seamless and is the design conducive to reaching mainstream audiences?
  • Novel Solution
    • How creative is the project and does it utilize Generalized Abstraction to its advantage?
  • Technically Complex
    • Does this project demonstrate a strong understanding of XION’s infrastructure?
    • How secure is the project, and does it work as described?
    • What level of coding experience is required to build this project?

Getting Started

You can participate by registering through DoraHacks today, and start building! You can also attend the upcoming weekly workshops and office hours to learn more about the platform and get help with your project. Below are additional resources to help get you started.

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