2023/09/08 → 2023/10/08, 00:00

Seeking Bilingual (Chinese & English) Web3 Communication Coordinator!

  • Writing / Translation
  • Bilingual
  • Web3
  • translator
  • Communication
  • Details
  • Activities
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We are contributors to ICPDAO, dedicated to exploring innovative organizational structures and decentralized incentive mechanisms. After nearly 8 years of exploration and trials, we have innovatively realized how to fairly and transparently allocate funds within an organization. Now, we aspire to apply this innovative concept to open-source contributions. During this process, we've optimized ICPDAO's evaluation system using AI technology and decided to launch a reward program called Cash4PR.

The mission and vision of Cash4PR is to build a fair, transparent, and sustainable open-source contribution reward ecosystem and to ensure every valuable code contribution on GitHub receives a just reward. Through this program, we aim to:

  • Encourage more long-term and valuable open-source contributions.
  • Propel the continued prosperity of the entire open-source ecosystem.
  • Explore a new avenue of investment where investors can benefit from the development of open-source projects.

To further advance this project, we plan to organize a Hackathon or a Featured Round in Gitcoin. However, we face challenges in English communication. Thus, we're seeking a bilingual web3 communication coordinator to assist us in communicating with the main organizers.


During the event's preparatory phase, communicate in English with the Gitcoin organizers, especially in processes like vetting and requirement conveyance.


  1. Proficient knowledge in the web3 domain.
  2. Fluent in both Chinese and English.
  3. Ability to quickly grasp our project and its core concepts.
  4. Exceptional communication skills.


  1. Provide relevant experience or project cases.
  2. Translate a provided article and express it in English.
  3. Validate understanding of Cash4PR.
  4. Engage in actual communication assessment with our team.

🤝 Join us in propelling the prosperity of the open-source domain and breaking through communication barriers together! 🤝🤝