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DoraHacks Bounty Hunters Guide: How to earn crypto as a bounty hunter?

DoraHacks Bounty Hunters Guide: How to earn crypto as a bounty hunter?

Hi bounty hunters!

DoraHacks and its friends post bounties from time to time. We’re waiting for enthusiastic bounty hunters to tackle them, give best solutions, get rewards, and make the world better. Here’s a guide for you to explore among DoraHacks bounties.

Got lost in your journey? Ask @dorahacksofficial on Telegram for anything!

Start hunting for Bounties!

*Please log in before claiming any bounty.

Step 1: Browse to find bounties for you

Go to or select DAO bounties under Bounties in the Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Participate to show your interest

Enter any bounty, click on the Participate button to participate in a bounty that you are interested in.

You need to connect the wallet to register, and the wallet will be the receiver of the bounty prize money in crypto(ofc, when your solution is accepted by the bounty owner).

When wallet is connected, you will see the page below. Click “Back to Bounty” to proceed.

Step 3: Submit your solution

At “Submit Solution”, you’ll be asked to offer:

  1. a link to your deliverable, e.g a Github repo, a Google doc script, a design asset folder…

  2. further explanation and other details you want the bounty owner to know.

When solution submitted, you will see the updates of your(and other’s) submission history in the Activities Section (at the right part of the page).

How to receive the crypto reward

When your solution is accepted, you’ll be marked as “Winner” in the Activities. Congrats! You’ll receive the crypto rewards instantly via the registered wallet address. Don’t forget to check out the wallet balance!


1. What network and token reward are supported?

At the present moment, we support Polygon and BNB Chain networks. The tokens that could be used for rewards are: MATIC, BNB, USDT, USDC, DAI. We're always evaluating adding more networks where applicable.

2. What are the fees I will incur?

We do not charge any fees for publishing and hunting bounties. The amount of reward you set up will be the amount of reward that the hunter can receive. Please be mindful that when publishing bounties there'll be gas fee charged by the blockchain.

3. Why does it takes very long for the bounty to be published?

Most of the times, it's due to the network being busy; you can use the Speed Up function in your wallet if your wallet supports the function. However, please be mindful that it may cost a higher gas fee.

4. What if there's no hunters hunting my bounty?

When your bounty expired without any hunters participating, you will be able to withdraw the funds.

5. I was the winner of the bounty but didn't receive the reward?

This process should be done automatically, once the Bounty publisher releases the funds, after certain time for network confirmations (usually few minutes), you should receive the reward in the wallet you connected with when participating the Bounty.
If you cannot see it in Metamask or the block explorer transaction history, please also check out at block explorer Internal TXNs.
If you didn't see the reward after a while, please reach out to DoraHacks support via Discord:

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain developer communities. Committed to a global hacker movement with around 20K global monthly active users, it provides crypto-native toolkits to help BUIDLers get funded for their ideas and products.

By far, nearly 3000 projects on have received over $18 million in prizes and funding from supporters worldwide. 20+ major blockchain ecosystems and dozens of open source communities and DAOs are using Dora's infrastructure for quadratic funding grants, hackathons, community contribution, bounty, and the governance of their communities.

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