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List of all TVM opcodes

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Brief Introduction

For comment and communicate: https://github.com/everscale-org/bounties/issues/32

This proposal aims to collect all TVM opcodes, including new ones from Everscale implementation, and generate a comprehensive CSV table with descriptions. The script for code generation in a markdown table will automate the process of updating the TVM opcode reference, saving time and effort. The resulting CSV table and markdown table will be useful for developers working on TVM projects, enabling them to quickly and easily reference all TVM opcodes and their descriptions, and the pull request to the documentation with the codegen pipeline will improve the overall quality of the TVM documentation, making it more user-friendly.

Useful Materials


TVM Opcodes Table with Everscale Implementation:

  • Collect all TVM opcodes with descriptions in a CSV table
  • Add all new TVM opcodes from Everscale implementation
  • Develop a script for code generation in a markdown table
  • Open a new pull request to docs with codegen pipeline

The CSV table must contain the following fields:

param description
name basic name
alias possible synonyms to the name
opcode hexadecimal representation with arguments
category category of a specific operation
tvm_asm representation in tvm assembler with parameters
fift_asm representation in fift assembler with parameters
stack stack effects
gas gas consumption
tlb TL-B scheme for a specific operation and its parameters
desc basic description

(the table can be expanded with other columns)

What's the result

CSV table with all initial and Everscale implementation TVM opcodes. Pull request to docs
with codegen pipeline, that can perform markdown table with all TVM opcodes from CSV table.

Reward (from @everscale-org)

300 USDT in EVER base reward 50 USDT in EVER extra reward if the task is completed in less than 7 days