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Hacker Dōjō|Project Research——Symmetric Key Algorithm



200 USDT


  • Research
  • DES
  • AES

This bounty requires pre-communication before the task. Please contact Hacker Dojo @HackerDojo0 via Telegram to make sure you're eligible for the bounty. Continue reading to learn the sign-up process.

Bounty type: Topic study and interpretation

Language requirements: English

Applicant requirements: From an academic background of computer science/cryptography or other relevant majors.

How to finish the bounty task:

  1. Read references to understand the key concepts and fundamentals.
  2. Do live workshop and interpret the following contents: a. The principle of Data Encryption Standard (DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) b. The fundamentals and practices of DES and AES, containing five encryption modes of AES: Electronic Codebook Book (ECB); Cipher Block Chaining (CBC); Calculator Mode (CTR); Password Feedback (CFB) ; Output feedback (OFB)
  3. Provide your manuscript after the live lecture. The deliverable should be text/picture/link.

References/Reading Materials:

You are welcome to search for relevant data on your own; If other data sources were referenced in the research results, please indicate them.


  1. Please click Participate on the left side on this page for registration ;
  2. Before starting the task, bounty hunters(applicants) will be asked to enter a simple screening via Telegram. Please contact @HackerDojo0 via Telegram before your study.
  3. The hunter approved will be granted the right to claim Bounty by starting the study;
  4. When the progress of the task is confirmed to be ready for the live workshop, Dōjo team will schedule a live sharing session for you to showcase your research results;
  5. Bounty in crpto will be issued after completing the live session and manuscript. Please claim the rewards on this page. (Hunter Rewards Claiming Guide: https://dorahacks.io/blog/guides/bounty-hunter/)

What is Hacker Dōjo?

Hacker Dōjo is an open source community for Frontier Web3 knowledge contributors and learners built by hackers. Dōjo organizes regular open-source knowledge sessions via Livestream/Twitter Space/blog posts, the topics including interpretation of Web3 cutting-edge technology papers, workshops, seminars with crypto tech leaders and so on. Welcome to discuss and learn in the Hacker Dōjo community: https://community.dorahacks.io/c/buidl-dorahacks-io/6

The topics currently shared by Hacker Dōjo including:

  • Narwhal Mempool Protocol and Tusk Consensus Protocol
  • Bullshark Consensus Protocol
  • Modular chain
  • Cryptography (symmetric encryption algorithms, hash functions, group and public key encryption, digital signatures and KZG commitments, zero-knowledge proofs)
  • Move Prover
  • Aptos Consensus

By joining Dōjo, hackers can suggest personal learning expectations, or take the initiative to propose topics that they are skilled at and have Dōjo team organize sharing sessions. At the same time, the Hacker Dōjo Web3 Research Program offers subjects regularly for hackers to study and share their insights. Contributors will be rewarded in the form of a bounty.


Telegram: @HackerDojo0

WeChat: @HackerDojo0

E-mail: hackerdojo0@gmail.com

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    Symmetric Key Algorithm

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