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A shopping website that uses GAS payment



After years of development, the NEO blockchain technology has become increasingly mature,

and the TPS of NEO can reach 50K. However, combining blockchain technology with practical applications seems to only digitize assets,

shifting from off chain to blockchain and ensuring the reliability of information sources

How to better transmit the value of these assets within the blockchain and serve the neo smart economy is a topic that I have been exploring.

When browsing the NFT trading website, I was inspired to explore whether it would be possible to create a physical shopping website.

Users are bind to Neo accounts, make payments and purchases through Gas,

manage the entire transaction process of funds through smart contracts,

and finally add interesting Neo applications to the products purchased through shopping websites to subvert the traditional shopping experience.

This seems to be a perfect combination of NEO blockchain and practical applications.

What it does

A shopping website that uses GAS payment


Develop a shopping website that uses GAS payment. Users can use a bind Neo account to make purchases,

and the GAS payment will not be directly made to merchants,It is managed through a smart contract.

The merchant account is managed by multiple signed addresses consisting of three Neo accounts, which are also used to handle transaction disputes.

  1. After the user confirms receipt, the smart contract will pay GAS to the merchant's multi signed address.

  2. Overtime processing. After the set confirmation receipt time is exceeded, the system will automatically pay the GAS for this transaction to the merchant

  3. Dispute resolution: When a user requests a refund due to a transaction dispute, the Neo accounts of three merchants will vote based on the submitted evidence.

If there are more than two votes, the contract will be returned to the user GAS

After the transaction is completed, the merchant can upload the complete transaction data to NEOFS for permanent storage.

Demonstrate an interesting application : adds vitality to products through the NEO program installed in the products purchased by users from the mall

The product purchased by the user (weather clock) is embedded with a NEO account (the account will continuously generate GAS),

1.When the device malfunctions, the product will detect the cause of the malfunction (e.g. :LED malfunction).

  1. Check the most suitable configuration (including price) on the shopping website.

  2. Search for the gas that has not been claimed in the NEO account, and claim the gas to pay for the purchase of accessories

  3. If Gas is sufficient, place an order.

  4. Automatically perform on blockchain payment and return TXhash.

  5. Users can log on shopping websites for information.

  6. After arrival, the maintenance personnel come to replace the accessories.

In this way, the product has life and can earn money(Gas) on its own (by voting), placing orders and replacing faulty parts on its own.

I believe that such applications will become increasingly popular in the near future.

The WorkFlow

Challenges we ran into

The logic of smart contracts is quite complex, especially involving multiple-signed addresses, which can be difficult to write.

The weather clock involves programming on hardware platforms (ESP32-C3).

In terms of system design, it is also a challenge.

Thanks to the experienced developers of Discord NEO channel , I have learned a lot of knowledge.

Without their enthusiastic and professional help,

I would not have been able to complete this development task.

What we learned

With this close contact with NEO, I truly felt the convenience provided by the NEO ecosystem to developers.

By providing full stack development tools for multiple programming languages,

I helped developers easily reach the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Through this development, I have experienced the power, simplicity, and stability of NEO.

The realization of blockchain technology in practical daily applications

What's next for

It is hoped that the system is iterated to make it better and be finally implemented with the help of the whole community.

try my project with the username and passoword :

Shopper : 1@163.com password: 123456
N3Address: NdTv6abjUMHg1hJmD67Gxu8Q5uR8dsHuZ3
WIF: L4H85aNntWxgBRsnsxofB2ba4oNZFk82DcJHHojHRiqbK2zzPpAy

manager1: admin password: 123456
N3Address: NesyRrDComX6AtBgciRcFrrWWLy49w7FhK

manager2: admin2 password: 123456
N3Address: NaABacZFqdd2zFeYcjfLefiBEuC7ErnALR

manager3: admin3 password: 123456
N3Address: NaJdcdwtDGWGzCPMw6Ynt5xbrqT2WH6qDy
WIF: L3MWKrehRPCcjox7uAum9RiTPzfa94qHBZFTehGKi8H2KX7RgzUn

WifiClock N3Address:NPeMgJeSCtARF7j9vdMvcqFzSGnTSBPC2M
multi signed address: NSH9AfLCccg2PWBoHNgpPV85f1vTEvTAHo

#For the convenience of testing, I have changed all prices to 1Gas Click here to visit the WebSite

Shopper : 1@163.com password: 123456

Click here to visit the webSite by admin(manager)

manager1: admin password: 123456
manager2: admin2 password: 123456
manager3: admin3 password: 123456

#Smart Contract hash on TestNet:


ScriptHash to Neo3 address: NT6xBzsxRb5oThAeLvHzKYR6SsBRZmPbRn

#The Contract Github Address: https://github.com/jack9684/neow3j-boilerplate-contracts

#Video Try it out (Please use 720P image quality to watch)