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Updated 64 days ago
Ethereum · Polygon · Safe · NFT · Defi · L2 · Creator Economy
The project aims to build a flow for users to buy NFTs using credit cards, without having to setup EOAs like Metamask

The project builds a flow allowing users to sign-in using web2 Social Accounts or Web3 EOAs, get access to their own smart contract wallets, and be able to buy NFTs or other web3 assets using credit cards.


  1. Stripe
  2. Gelato
  3. Web3Auth
  4. Safe AA


  1. No wallet required for SignUp

    • onNFT helps you access all the capabilities of Web3, directly through your Social Logins using Web3Auth
    • Removes the requirement to create a Metamask Wallet, or remembering 12-word Seed Phrases
    • A Safe wallet is created under the hood, that allows users to initiate and execute transactions
  2. Buy directly Through your Credit Cards with Safe Stripe On-Ramp Kit

    • The need to understand Cryptocurrencies before buying an NFT is gone now
    • You can simply buy an NFT directly through your Credit Cards, implemented using the Onramp Kit
    • The fiat-to-crypto transactions are handled by the Onramp Kit.
  3. Safe Transactions using Stripe

    • Your credit card transactions are secured by Stripe, making the entire flow seemless
  4. No Manual Approvals needed

    • While buying NFT's, you will not have to manually sign every transaction
    • With a single click, your NFT will be minted directly to your account
  5. Gas Fees - Not found

    • No need to understand the concepts of Gas Fees or Approvals on Web3
    • We bear The transaction fees (or the gas fees) of your NFT minting using Gelato's Gasless Transactions
  6. No Barrier for Entry

    • The website requires no need of an additional application for any functionality
    • Makes it easy to access it from all devices.

Extended scope:

  • After this POC, the aim is to abstract it into a wrapper, thus providing a AA solution with onramp support, so that dApps can direcly plug it to support SCWs, gasless payments, token-independent gas payments, and credit card payments for web3 asset purchases.
  • Further, using a SCW opens up the possibility of developing transaction safeguards, adding access control and building better account recovery to further improve the UX.
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