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Weather Forecaster Game
  • Crypto / Web3
Updated 65 days ago
Polygon · Safe · Defi · GameFi · Account Abstraction · Gelato
Fun and Simple Prediction Game based on real-world weather conditions.

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Fun and Simple Prediction Game based on real-life events with Seamless Web3 Integration for Web2 experience.

Starting point for building a fullstack dapp, a fun and simple prediction game with seamless Web3 integration for a Web2 experience.

It's also a great fit for learning the basics of smart contract development and integrating Gelato into your project.

The project is a monorepo setup to be easily extended to any device you would like to use: IOS, Android, Macos, Window, Web. The Current working version is in the nextjs folder.

How it works?

The Weather Game allows players to login with their email and predict the weather for the next hour. By accurately predicting the weather, players will automatically receive reward tokens in their wallet.


Quick Start

Deploy ERC20 Token Contract

Deploy Weather Contract passing ERC20 Token to the constructor

Deploy Web3 Functions and update the addresses in use-weather-game.ts

Set up the env variables

cp .env.example .env

Install and run

yarn && yarn web

Tech Stack

next, trpc, tamagui, gelato


Building a decentralized betting game that relies on real-world events can be a challenging task. However, with the power of Web3 functions, this process becomes much easier. By leveraging the ability to call any type of API and trigger on-chain functions, developers can create seamless and engaging user experiences that integrate with the real world.

Further Exploration

This project can serve as a solid foundation for your own Web3 project. With gasless onboarding and Web3 functions already integrated, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create an option market
  • Develop a lottery system
  • Build a sports betting platform

Let your imagination run wild and use this project as a starting point to bring your Web3 ideas to life!

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