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Safe Team
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Updated 64 days ago
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Collaborate Confidently, Win Securely


Safe Team: Collaborate Confidently, Win Securely.

Safe Team is the ultimate team-based wallet solution for hackathons, grants, and accelerators. Say goodbye to the hassle and insecurity of using individual wallets for team funds, and hello to a secure and easy-to-use platform that empowers teams to collaborate effectively and compete with confidence.

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Inital Whitepaper: Flowcharts included

The Problem

Traditional wallet solutions for team funds can be problematic, with security and trust being major concerns. It can be difficult to ensure that team members are contributing equally and that the funds are being distributed fairly. In addition, there is always a risk of theft or fraud, and disputes over the division of funds can arise.

The Solution

Safe Team addresses these issues head-on with a secure and intuitive platform that allows team leaders to create teams, approve member requests, and submit teams for hackathons with ease. Using web3auth, users can sign in with their socials leading to a seamless expereince.

Safe Team uses account abstraction and the Safe Core SDK to create a new multisig safe wallet, with the restriction that every team member must sign every transaction. This ensures that the team's funds are secure and that there is no risk of any one member taking off with the winnings. Also, e very transaction that happens in the wallet is relayed using Gelatos Relayer which allows the team to do gas less transaction on the funds they won.

In addition, Safe Team allows hackathon organizers to require a refundable stake, which can be paid using the Stripe SDK for fiat-to-crypto transactions. This ensures that teams are committed to the project and that there is a level playing field for all participants.

The Possibilities

With Safe Team, the possibilities are endless for how teams can distribute funds among team members. They can split the funds instantly, set up a payment stream using Superfluid to fund future work on the project, or come up with their own creative solutions. The only limit is their imagination.

Tech Stack

  1. NEXT.js
  2. Base Testnet
  3. Safe Core SDK for AA (all kits have been used)
  4. Polybase
  5. Safe Components for UI
  6. Gelato Gas Relayers


Safe Team is the ultimate solution for teams who want to collaborate with confidence and win securely. With its user-friendly interface, powerful security features, and endless possibilities for fund distribution, Safe Team is the perfect platform for hackathon success.

Eligible Tracks for SafeTeam

  1. Safe: Ref
  2. Gelato Network: Ref
  3. Coinbase: Ref
  4. Web3Auth: Ref
  5. Stripe: Ref
  6. Superfluid
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