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Updated 67 days ago
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A role based access control protocol based on Safe

compassSafe is a RBAC (role based access control) protocol built on Safe. As the most popular smart contract wallet, Safe supports the standard multi-signature, and compassSafe builds on Safe Module to provide users with enhanced security and flexibility.

compassSafe provides fine-grained permission configurations with contracts, methods, and parameter levels, applicable to all types of contracts.

For institutions and DAOs (multi-player organizations), compassSafe enables the organization to set permissions to different members, allowing them to perform specific actions based on their roles. e.g. Traders can only swap specified token pairs with specified Dex protocol.

For individual users, compassSafe can be used as a multi-level safe vault, where they can set different levels of permissions for different wallets to isolate the risks with different operations. e.g. a user may set hardware wallets as the owners of the Safe with the core permissions, but grant some daily-use-low-risk permissions with a software wallet.

More info: https://docs.compassdao.com/how-to-use/compasssafe

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