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FRMR Marvel,Riot, NCSoft, Deloitte, Valve building v Different Meta-V and dNFT Character VOX focused AI/ML/NLP MIDDLEWARE SOLUTION
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Polygon · Chainlink · NFT · GameFi · Metaverse · L2 · Privacy · Social · Creator Economy · Not ready for deployment but Polugon. Matic and L2 and Chainlink L2 VRF & RNG and undecided re BSC and ZksyncVR
tag1: Virtual Cosplay -Tag 2: Every Day Is Halloween Tag 3: BE Anyone

Former Execs hailing from Marvel, Riot Games, Sandbox,Bioware, Morgan Stanley, Expedia, Wildlife Studios Developing Character -Centric, AI- fueled, Middleware that enables global Players to immerse and engage measurably better into the characters and the content of their choice, by empowering Plyers to speak as they Speech enabled , playable dNFT licensed + original +content creators newest characters. by unshackling Our Game-Fi oriented, Metaverse ssystem we are building out in tandem with our character Speech Solution is to provide a scaling hi adventure virtual environment to both explore (in character) as well as leverage in-Game -FTP and a casual mini game. we invite you to dig in to our deck to igest context on our more differentiated features. MeinahVerse, game community nd social activities and events.... FUN FACT: My COO, Aaron, his grandfather , Martin, initially created Marvel . and he also related to Stan Lee -Martin's cousin by marriage.

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