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Updated 306 days ago

Updated 306 days ago


1. Newbie investors in DeFi market getting dizziness when looking to tokens zoo and needs instruments to make balanced investments 2. Experienced investors needs instruments to manage their assets, for one-click sell and buy.


Deployed on Polygon -

We offer traders and investors:

  1. decentralized expert community rating to make balanced index portfolios
  2. ERC index portfolio token, containing several tokens
  3. protocol to *swap-based (like QuickSwap) exchanges for two-click buy and sell of actives

SVET Index saves investor's time and money on analytics researches; reduces assets allocation risks by various index diversifications strategies and fraud signaling, as well as lowers entry barrier into Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by providing one-click solution for formation and rebalancing of digital assets portfolios.

We working on:

  1. NFT indexes/ETF
  2. Personal ETF

Team Information

Svet Sedov, founder, Ukraine, US. SVET, USA, developer, angel investor, serial entrepreneur (14+ companies with > $100M cap), author (> 1M views), influencer (>20th followers), lived in 40+ countries, the founder of Evernomics.

Stan Taktaev, cofounder, Russia, programmer over 30 years, an entrepreneur since 1997, coFounder of 3 blockchain startups since 2015. Programmer in Python, JS, Solidity

Sergey Stepanets, Ph.D., co-founder, developer, and entrepreneur, with more than 15 years of experience in Ukraine. Programmer by hands in Python, JS. Solidity.