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BNB Chain
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BNB Chain


Velvet.Capital is a multi-chain DeFi protocol that helps people create crypto portfolios, indexes & other financial products with additional yield at the tips of their fingers. We provide a secure and simple platform for individuals, professional asset managers and treasury managers. Sign up for early access:


We're building a DeFi Asset Management protocol helping people create crypto portfolios "on steroids": it combines modern portfolio theory and yield farming to construct diversified indexes with additional yield.

Our mission is to bring financial freedom- free of intermediaries and centralized parties- to the next billion crypto users.

Our vision is to be the #1 multi-chain platform to manage all of your digital assets.

Let's open the world of Decentralized Finance to the next billion crypto users together!

More info & One-pager:

BNB Chain prototype (proceed at your own risk):

Polygon prototype (proceed at your own risk): (contract address:

Polygon Video Demo for "Activate x Wormhole Hackathon":

Team Information

DeFi-Vas - CEO

  • Venture Builder incubating Blockchain & Crypto startups at LongHash Ventures (including Xanpool and Astar which raised ~$50m)
  • Project Leader at BCG New York successfully launched several digital products for clients (incl. a WealthTech start-up, a SaaS for financial advisors and other fintechs)
  • INSEAD MBA, BSc & MSc in Applied Math from MIPT

aj07 - CTO

  • First Individual Indian Grantee at Ethereum Foundation, helped design Solidity language
  • Full-stack and Blockchain Engineer focused on Open Finance with experience from Red Hat, Ocean Protocol, BigChainDB and Pandora protocol
  • Founder in residence at Entrepreneur First based in Singapore
  • Started Bangalore Chapter for Hypeledger and grew it to more than 1300+ members

VC_raccoon - UI/UX

  • UI/UX Designer at an investment management company creating innovative Fintech platforms (including Startup of the year)
  • BSc & MSc in Applied Mathematics from MIPT

bcryptop2p - Senior Engineer

  • Full-stack web3 developer and Blockchain architect
  • Cryptography Researcher with experience from Nonceblox,, and 20+ blockchain companies
  • Among Top 30 at Ethdenver 2022
  • Winner of 4+ hackathons in different categories (DeFi, NFT & DAO)
  • Started Ahmedabad Chapter of Chainlink

DeFi-Nav - Engineer

  • Solidity engineer with experience from msg systems Research in Munich, Germany.
  • Designed and developed smart contract modules (inc. rebalancing, integration with DEXs & yield farming protocols)
  • B.Sc. Information Systems and Mentor at Technical University of Munich (TUM)

DeFi-B - Head of Growth

  • Growth marketer, storyteller, consultative & technical sales
  • Head Marketer for web3 startup Civilized Software, Growth at Reiff & Nestor Manufacturing, Freelance writing
  • University of Pittsburgh B.S. Marketing & Economics

Skadoosh - Engineer

  • Full stack developer both in web2 and web3 space, founder of, blockchain developer at Pandora protocol
  • Worked in the iOS industry, shifted to web3, launched an NFT project and a DEX
  • BTech from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT, Manipal)