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Tavern Keeper
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Tavern Keeper makes using Discord into a game and transforms community managers into game creators.


Tavern Keeper is a community game-building platform, powered by creative Discord bot interactions, NFT profiles and achievements.

Pitch Deck

Remember joining your first DAO? You were welcomed with a firehose - a million Discord channels, no pathways and hard-to-find documentation.

When you start on Discord server with Tavern Keeper, you are welcomed by a Discord bot, an NPC who gives you an onboarding pathway created by the community, for the community - choose your own adventure style.

Interacting with the NPC you can learn more about the community, answer quizzes, select roles and mints NFT user profiles on Harmony and Polygon. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 1000 times lower fees.

This NFT profile has metadata containing achievements and skill levels based on your participation in the community and as you progress you are awarded access to new channels and connected with the right people.

When you meet others players, you can see from your NFT profiles what each others reputation and achievements.

Tavern Keeper's NPC interactions are simple to create and customize for any community, enabling them to create custom stories, artwork and pathways for their members. In the future there will be a no code interface, right now they just have to edit a JSON file.

Thanks to Tavern Keeper, now you know what this community value, how you can contribute and are part of a culture that is connected and coordinating.


  • Harmony - DAO TOOLING - SEE A PAIN POINT? SOLVE IT. - DAO onboarding and identity management
  • Harmony - Unique usages for Non-Fungible Tokens - upgradable community NFT profiles
  • Polygon - NFT AND METAVERSE TRACK - gamification of work, upgradable community NFT profiles
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