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Like carbon credits but for Health.


Like carbon credits but for health.

Healthcare funders like CSR programs, governments and philanthropists want to improve health in developing countries but they are unsure of the impact they are getting. Because there are no verifiable metrics for health, many curable diseases go unfunded resulting in unnecessary human suffering and death.

Even Balaji Srinivasan agrees:

In the era of blockchains, we need not be in doubt anymore.


Just as carbon credits represent a ton of carbon or equivalent removed from the atmosphere, we can tokenize health using Life-Years as a unit of account, an additional healthy year of life.

Each HealthCredit represents an additional life-year. Each approved health organization gets a unique token of impact (ERC-1155) with their photo. Each approved health organization can sell their tokens on our marketplace, just like carbon credits.

With verified impact, many more philanthropists will invest in lifesaving interventions for billions of people currently living without access to modern healthcare.

Some of the Verified health organizations we work with:

How HealthCredit works:


Filecoin: we use filecoin to store our tables of approved Health Care organizations via web3.storage. BEST USE OF IPFS/FILECOIN OR ANY OF THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT BUILT ON TOP OF IPFS AND FILECOIN

GitHub link.

ReadMe explaining use of Filecoin.

Polygon::Notable Projects: we use the Polygon network to be fast, affordable and environmentally friendly.

Contract addresses:

$IMPACT token: 0x028E2a8C28AC1f5C6af8A8c5B32B08760a806f12

$LIFE-YEAR token: 0xb35BaF35DfD02Ad4fac9430981cEE413698cC242

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