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Stardust - An ecosystem for NFTs

We are building an NFT Analytics Dashboard along with a Liquidity creation platform for NFTs. Lack of liquidity and data are two of the major pain points when it comes to the NFT Ecosystem.

  1. Analytics Dashboard: Investors and Collectors can make informed decisions about investing/hodling NFT collections based on the floor price movement and sentiment trends around the NFT. We have used Covalen't NFT End points to fetch data around NFTs. We have also created Parsiq triggers to monitor the sale in the NFTs for a particular chain.
  2. NFT Liquidity platform(fractionalization): Users can get liquidity for an NFT they own. The liquidity is in the form of ERC20 tokens which can be traded on liquidity pools. A fixed number of ERC-20 are generated per token within an NFT collection. The NFT deposited can be claimed back by sending the same number of ERC-20 tokens back to the contract.

Pitch Deck: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15nBM4g-d6fjqo7wjgDZvTRsaEwRG4W9pGXqVvzH3QNU/edit?usp=sharing

Bounties Attempted: Harmony Testnet Shard #0: Stardust Contract Address: 0xd12Ed91375eBc57D3c8A7C8992008d580C64e924

Collection 1(Contract Address): 0x8EdE3EE68Af973022A389A9214da20e2C7F9280B

Collection 2(Contract Address): 0x29ABd334B02D53D0b7dCFb03929DaC8263044823

Collection 3(Contract Address): 0xb1e5Bc96C4F958C713896EFf6B1DF6CA8baD55DD

Polygon Testnet:

Stardust Contract Address: 0xd12Ed91375eBc57D3c8A7C8992008d580C64e924

Collection 1(Contract Address): 0x53a6eC0379120A2cdcaaf3F252AA02A797713660

Collection 2(Contract Address): 0x7030500071a7b273E85EF65ad70D1E595462871d

Collection 3(Contract Address): 0x27fcAF21E1E06FDb056Fefd5cD6A138DCb2C4607

PARSIQ Smart Trigger ID: f4242c29-0ecd-4d78-acb4-5f54acfce789

IPFS(Pinata): https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmbgZwVotWbcwGJzsHNVwXjgnuqBpr9wXLq4jGoN9fJpH5