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Remixing Music NFTs and Fans for RMPM/THE DROP 104.7
  • Crypto / Web3
Updated 440 days ago
Ethereum · IPFS · Harmony

Share the Remix, Share the Fans, Share the Love!... with two ways to share "mixtape" playlist royalties among recording artists and the community of shared fans at THE DROP 104.7 FM Denver.

We created a token-curated, upgradable playlist for Rocky Mountain Public Media's THE DROP 104.7 Denver and their community of fans, and deployed on Harmony testnet (Harmony Protocol Bounty), anticipating establishment of a DAO, where the reputation token also deployed here (DRP) could eventually become a community governance token. RMPM was among the first US public media orgs to accept community donations in crypto.
SongNFTFactory is our ERC721 contract, open to all artists, for minting songNFTs, and uses IPFS for content storage with this JSON structure: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmWjAtAoSWKEmkCHfKGcyC4P1VxYDT11SamWuYYZ6PC4G3 (IPFS / Filecoin Bounty)
THE DROP can mint and assign new DRP tokens to community members, and add new songs, minted from SongNFTFactory (above), to NFT playlists they've curated using our PlaylistToken contract. Community token holders can upvote songs in any playlist by transferring portions of DRP to the recording artist owner of the associated songNFT.

Sample, remix, repeat… to build a DAO-like community of recording artists and fans. Public media redefined.
This hack is a collaboration between members of Ethereum Foundation’s Remix team and staff at Rocky Mountain Public Media’s THE DROP 104.7 Denver. Remix Team members also used this project as dogfooding for Remix IDE UX improvements to benefit new users in the Web3 space.

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