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  • DeployerX
    dinesh11515  ·  Updated 286 days ago
    DeployerX is the ultimate solution for hassle-free smart contract deployment, management on multiple chains. With a sleek and intuitive user interface, DeployerX makes multi-chain smart contract management a breeze. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it perfect for builders of all skill levels. With DeployerX, you can deploy smart contracts on multiple chains with just a few clicks. Our platform is powered by Router to make multi-chain deployment a breeze. Visit our website at https://deployer-x.vercel.app to learn more and get started today. Join the future of decentralised world with DeployerX. Unique feature: generates same address for contracts deployed on different chains. DeployerX is a cutting-edge web3 application built with NextJS and Tailwind in the frontend, providing a modern and intuitive user interface that's both beautiful and functional. NextJS is a powerful React framework that makes building scalable and optimised web applications easy. Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that allows for rapid prototyping and streamlined design. Together, NextJS and Tailwind create a responsive, user-friendly experience that's perfect for builders of all skill levels. Behind the scenes, DeployerX is powered by a suite of powerful technologies designed to make multi-chain smart contract management as easy and secure as possible. We use Router Crosstalk to deploy smart contracts on multiple chains. By leveraging Router, DeployerX makes it easy to deploy smart contracts on multiple chains with just a few clicks.
  • RoutePlace NFT
    aarumi8  ·  Updated 284 days ago
    RoutePlace - the first NFT marketplace on Router Chain. Buy and sell NFTs on any chain using Router Protocol. Crosschain anywhere! We use Router Protocol chain for NFT crosschain transfers that allow user to buy and sell NFTs from any chain to any chain.
  • BuildIt-Router
    Ahmed-Aghadi  ·  Updated 284 days ago
    BuildIt is a metaverse project developed for the hackathon. It provides users with the ability to own virtual land within a map, place items on the land they own, and even sell the land to other users. The land is represented as ERC721 tokens, while the items are represented as ERC1155 tokens. All interactions within the metaverse are secured by smart contracts. Go to smart_contracts folder and install foundry and hardhat. cd smart_contracts/ forge init npm install To compile smart contracts: forge compile --skip test --skip script # Or If you want to compile test files forge compile --via-ir To run test on smart contracts: forge test --via-ir To deploy smart contracts: npx hardhat deploy --network $ChainName # example: npx hardhat deploy --network ethereum Note: Don't forget to make .env file, refer .env.example file. Contract Explorer Link Map.sol 0x798f13eB1B9702349372C2c01bcbbcDc2B450Dc1 Utils.sol 0xA82f14980559567F6d3B4DFFa3531045F1eDa522 Faucet.sol 0x87B90CB7C8f19f110F6920Eaa1b989bE74d97027 Marketplace.sol 0x2dc5C39c1e93f71881e3B7bB1Ed6047adf154961 Forwarder.sol 0xa9D6066268E43aa2DeaFEda3655Ea7f8217945FB Contract Explorer Link Map.sol 0xd6df3B609A759c4cF06e6B0Bb95BE5276dB79C8D Utils.sol 0x6D84F8C0386Bd77591EFDefb2CB40B6E141cbbA5 Faucet.sol 0xD231246547E9e44D6108266F4ba029877EB8246c Marketplace.sol 0x3a86b2450D5b9b0e747bCC3D82684F8Cc61830d6 Forwarder.sol 0xc71d86AA981B5dcE4c86f3E8285032426d6d0F74 Chain RouterScan Link Polygon Mumbai to Mantle Testnet Transfer of 10 Util Tokens Inspiration What It Does How We Built It Challenges We Ran Into Accomplishments That We're Proud Of What We Learned What's Next for BuildIt The inspiration behind BuildIt comes from the desire to create an immersive metaverse experience where users can explore, own, and customize virtual land. We wanted to empower users to express their creativity and engage with a virtual world where they have control over their own unique space. BuildIt allows users to: Own virtual land within a map represented as ERC721 tokens. Place items on their owned land, such as buildings, roads, and other structures, represented as ERC1155 tokens. Sell their land to other users, transferring ownership and associated items. Connect their wallets (e.g., Metamask, Coinbase, WalletConnect) to interact with the metaverse. When a user connects their wallet, the game fetches data from the smart contracts and highlights the portion of the map that the user owns. Users can then click the "Edit" button to place or remove items on their land. They have the option to cancel or confirm the changes, which updates the items in the appropriate locations. Smart contract checks ensure that users can only interact with the land they own. In addition, BuildIt includes a marketplace where users can sell their land through direct listings or auctions. Chainlink automation can be utilized for auction listings, and if the chain supports Chainlink price feeds, the land can be sold in USD. The marketplace provides an easy and secure way for users to trade their land. BuildIt was built using the following technologies and tools: Unity: The game was developed using Unity and built for Webgl. Smart Contracts: Four smart contracts were developed using Foundry and Hardhat: Map Contract: Responsible for the Lands in the Map, implemented as an ERC721 contract. Utils Contract: Represents the items that can be placed on the land, implemented as an ERC1155 contract. Faucet Contract: Allows users to obtain items for free initially. It is funded to provide items for judges and other participants. Marketplace Contract: Facilitates land sales through direct listings and auctions. Map Size: The map size is determined in the smart contract, allowing the deployment of multiple maps with different sizes. The current deployment consists of a map with a size of 15 by 15 tiles, where each land is a 5 by 5 tile. Item Minting: Three items are minted in the Utils contract: road, house, and special item. Wallet Integration: Users can connect their wallets, such as Metamask, Coinbase, and WalletConnect, to interact with the metaverse. Gasless Transactions: All smart contracts implement ERC2771Context, enabling users to perform gasless transactions when the relayer is funded. Cross Chain Transfer: Router Protocol was used to transfer Util Items from one chain to another. During the development of BuildIt, we encountered several challenges, including: Integrating Unity with the blockchain and ensuring secure and efficient interactions between the game and smart contracts. Implementing ERC721 and ERC1155 token standards and handling the transfer of ownership between users and their land/items. Optimizing gas usage and transaction costs in smart contract deployments. Developing a user-friendly interface and seamless wallet integration for a smooth user experience. Throughout the development process, we achieved several accomplishments that we're proud of, including: Successfully integrating the Unity game engine with the Blockchain and smart contracts. Creating a metaverse where users can own virtual land and customize it with various items. Implementing a marketplace where users can buy and sell land securely through direct listings and auctions. Enabling gasless transactions for users by implementing ERC2771Context in all smart contracts. Conducting comprehensive testing, including fuzz testing, to ensure the stability and reliability of the application. The development of BuildIt provided us with valuable learning experiences, including: Gaining in-depth knowledge of integrating smart contracts with Unity. Understanding the intricacies of token standards like ERC721 and ERC1155. Optimizing gas usage and transaction costs in smart contract deployments. Enhancing user experience through seamless wallet integration and fetching data from smart contracts. BuildIt is an ongoing project, and we have exciting plans for its future: Adding multiple maps with different sizes to expand the metaverse and accommodate more users. Conducting further research on gasless transactions to reduce transaction costs and improve user experience. Exploring cross-chain integrations to enable interoperability with other blockchain platforms. Enhancing the variety of items and customizations available to users. Engaging with the community to gather feedback and implement new features based on user suggestions. We are dedicated to continuously improving and expanding BuildIt to create a vibrant and immersive metaverse experience for all users.
  • Horcross
    johnny30678  ·  Updated 262 days ago
    Brand-New Standard ERC-6551C - Cross-Chain Non-fungible Token Bound Accounts ERC-6551 is a persona to entry meta-verse. Contains transaction history and assets and control by the source NFT. Within it ever make NFT tell story and store value. Horcross is a solution that addresses the limitation of ERC-6551 , which only allow generating EVM-compatible addresses on the chain to which the NFT belongs. Through the CrossTalk feature of Router Protocol, Horcross enables the cross-chain functionality of generating addresses on any blockchain. Horcorss can enhance the cross-chain capability of your NFTs and empower you to control assets across multiple universes. This enables more GameFi projects to utilize NFTs on the main chain as the primary validated assets for Token Bound, while also allowing for the composability of digital assets and their association with user accounts. Horcross ( ERC-6551C : send request contract): 0x584D36C268C7958B37ec9712E9E99149CD2Ca129 Mumbai Account: (Create Account Contract on polygon-mumbai): 0xb81E4C5C87AdBC33e0f02688F02C48342d3b857F Fuji Account: (Create Account Contract on avalanche-fuji): 0xb47F1613F779fB01A8eb6934EA99B5A495ea17A5 Horcoss Github: github.com/Horcross Frontend: horcross.github.io/frontend Demo Video: YouTube CrossTalk ERC6551RegistryAndReadCall.sol : RouterProtocal Cross Chain Gateway Library, Use it to send the request to the destChain. Solidity contracts : ERC-6551C, follow standard from ERC-6551 and add gateway to send crosstalk message NextJS frontend : With WAGMI and connectKIT, provide multi chains connection ability GraphQL & Alchemy NFT SDK Subgraph : Accelerate the retrieval of cross-chain data Our project aims to address the limitation of EIP-6551, which only allow generating contract wallet addresses on the chain to which the NFT belongs. To expand its functionality, we have adopted Router Protocol's cross-chain communication method called CrossTalk. Through this solution, we enable the generation of addresses on any blockchain using EIP-6551 implemented on any blockchain. Our solution has the following features and advantages: Cross-chain communication : Leveraging Router Protocol's CrossTalk feature, we achieve communication between different blockchains. This enables our ERC-721 tokens to generate addresses on other blockchains, expanding their use cases. Extending EIP-6551 functionality : Through our solution, EIP-6551 is no longer limited to generating addresses compatible only with the EVM. Now, it can generate addresses on multiple blockchains, providing greater flexibility and choice. Enhancing token interoperability : Through cross-chain communication and address generation capabilities, our project facilitates token interoperability between different blockchains. This provides users and developers with more opportunities, making token circulation and exchange easier across different blockchain environments. Our project is dedicated to advancing the blockchain ecosystem by breaking the limitations of ERC-6551 in address generation and offering more choices and flexibility. We believe that this will bring more opportunities and innovations to users and developers, driving the application and adoption of blockchain technology. User can choose the chain on which they want to deploy Token Bonding Accounts (TBA). Once the selection is made, it will be executed by the smart contract, and the TBA address can be obtained by returning it through CrossTalk. Step 1. User choose the chain deploy Token Bound Account from source chain ( Goerli ) Step 2. Router CrossTalk ( iSend ) send a create account Transaction to dstChain ( mumbai / Fuji ) Step 3. dstChain generate a address and emit a event Step 4. CrossTalk ( iAck ) listen on the address and get from source chain ( Goerli )
  • Zixin
    gabrielantonyxaviour  ·  Updated 264 days ago
    Zixin is a cross-chain web2 authentication identity to prove the ownership of social accounts as soulbound tokens. Zixins are transferrable cross-chain enabling permissionless interoperability and flexibility. We have used Chainlink Functions to verify the social identity using API calls and we generated the NFT image using AI and stored the NFT along with it's metadata using NFT.storage Shiji is a cross-chain web2 provable identity to prove that the user matches a specific criteria in their social accounts. Shijis are also minted as Soulbound tokens and act as a proof of transparent verification. Shijis are transferrable cross-chain enabling permissionless interoperability and flexibility. We have used Chainlink Functions to verify the social identity using API calls and we generated the NFT image using AI and stored the NFT along with it's metadata using NFT.storage
  • Avex
    Maharsi Patel  ·  Updated 284 days ago
    Avex has implemented Router's Omni-chain contracts for cross chain swaps, bridging, cross chain lending/borrowing and advanced send functionalities enabling users a seamless transfer of assets across different networks. Few benefits for using Avex are: .avex Handles : The .avex handles are free of cost and truly chain agnostic. Which means users can have a unified blockchain experience with just one handle across all blockchain networks. This also eliminates the usage of clunky public keys. DID Container : Every user has a unique DID associated with their account where users can store all their data, which is stored in IPFS in an encrypted format. Crypto Wallet : The crypto wallet is carefully designed to eliminate all blockchain difficulties and make the onboarding for a normal user very easy. Below are the few benefits of using the Avex Wallet: Chain Agnostic - Supports 14 blockchain networks, with support for more coming soon. *Transaction Readability and Scam Detection *- Transaction manifests are presented in a human readable format, while protecting users from signing any suspicious and scam smart contracts. Lending and Borrowing - Lending and borrowing assets across all blockchain networks. Cross chain swaps and bridging - Perform cross chain swaps and bridges of all assets (tokens and NFT's) using Router's Omni-chain contracts. Advanced Send - This is an innovative feature which would help onboard many users to the web3 ecosystem. Through this the recipient would receive their requested token in the requested chain regardless of the senders balance. (i.e, if the recipient wants 1ETH in Ethereum chain, while the sender has assets scattered across different networks, then the advanced send would automatically bridge and swap tokens and send the recipient their requested tokens while eliminating all the difficult part for the sender). Security : Avex uses MPC and biometric protection which secures the users from any hacks and also eliminates the need to store seed phrases, all in a self- custodial way. There are several other benefits of using Avex. Please contact @daakus007 in Telegram to know more.