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Highlights revealed: Hack-a-TONx World Tour Meetups Draw Crowds Worldwide

Highlights revealed: Hack-a-TONx World Tour Meetups Draw Crowds Worldwide

The TON team has partnered with DoraHacks, the world’s largest multi-chain hacker platform, to initiate its first-ever global hackathon “Hack-a-TONx w/ DoraHacks”. The event boasts a total prize pool of $300K, additional fast-tracks, and a $250M Ecosystem Fund to be shared among the participants. More details are released via DoraHacks.

For the L1 blockchain designed by Telegram team, the event featured global hackathons to bring together Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 developers, technology enthusiasts, and cypherpunks. Participants collaborate to create and test new products based on the TON blockchain.

While the online global hackathon was the main attraction, exclusive two-day events also occurred  across 14 major cities worldwide, including Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok, Prague, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Lisbon, Hyderabad and London, which engaged thousands of passionate local hackers.

The first TON hackathon in Taipei, "Taipei - Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks", was held on February 11th and 12th at the Taipei Ark Innovation Incubation Center. The event was co-hosted by TonX Studio and TON Foundation, attracting nearly 100 teams and around 500 technical applicants. 8 teams and nearly 40 people were selected to challenge the Hack-a-TONx. Marquee guests attended the offline event in Taipei, including Justin Hyun, head of the TON Foundation Incubation Department, who also served as a judge.

Image source: Twitter@ANNIO82244355

In London, the offline event took place for over two days on February 25th and 26th, organized by Orbs, a layer-3 blockchain. The workshop provided a platform for London's emerging Web2 and Web3 developer talent to build projects that could potentially shape the future of fintech and blockchain technology. Participants could have the opportunity to work alongside leading experts in the blockchain industry, who would provide guidance throughout the 48-hour hackathon.

And in India, more than 70 participants from four different countries and various parts of India, ranging from Delhi to Chennai, attended the workshop, sharing their experiences and communicating together. While in Lisbon, hackers were also excited to attend the educational workshop and learnt from lectures.

Image source: Twitter@TON India

The workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong also received great enthusiasm, where an experienced investor and TON contributor shared his ideas and led facilitated talks on privacy protections, communications and networks related to TON. Attendees gave high evaluations on his sharing, as well as the infrastructure provided by TON and DoraHacks.

Image source: Twitter@TONx_Studio
Image source: Twitter@TONx_Studio

In addition, participants were given access to mentoring, guidance, and workshops to support the development of their ideas related to the Web 3 industry in Prague, Lisbon, Bangkok and Melbourne. Across two continents and various regions around the world, the TON team and DoraHacks successfully held 14 offline workshops, offering large quantities of opportunities for hackers and various teams to get together, while individuals are also able to network, exchange their main marketing ideas and discuss the key aspects of the development of the industry.

Image source: Twitter@AEM_Algorithm

The “Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks Hackathon” aimed to identify promising Dapps and provide continued funding through prizes and investments after the hackathon. It also offered 8 weeks for newcomers to learn and build on TON, as well as in-person sessions in strategic locations worldwide for coding, idea sharing, and networking opportunities with local TON builders. As by the end of Mar 12th, the Phase 1 has closed for new submissions, all participants still have time to modify their applications by Mar 17th. 108 approved project submissions out of 230 total applications are now visible at the hackathon’s homepage

Although the 1st Phase has come to an end, grassroots developers are still supported by DoraHacks and TON. You can follow the bounties released by the TONFun community via DoraHacks, where hackers can find numerous opportunities and win rewards.