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Recap of Aptos Grant DAO Round5 & CIF(Community Incentive Fund)’s First Airdrop

Recap of Aptos Grant DAO Round5 & CIF(Community Incentive Fund)’s First Airdrop

Time to wrap up Aptos Grant DAO Round 5! So far, Aptos Grant DAO has seen 403 applications, and in Round 5, 7 projects out of 403 were selected. These projects received funding totaling 3200 APT (Fixed BUIDLer’s Grants: 1200 APT and Community Quadratic Funding with a 2000 APT matching pool). Throughout the one-week funding period, 874 voters participated, collectively contributing an additional 182.3 APT.

Following robust anti-sybil measures, the results of the contributions and matching funds are now made public and can be viewed here.

This round was especially notable for the launch of the Community Incentive Fund (CIF), featuring 60 million GUI tokens and three sought-after Aptos NFTs as voter incentives. 320 eligible voters received 187,500 GUI respectively; Additionally, three lucky participants were selected by Dora Factory’s Device-Independent Random Number Generator (DI-QRNG) to receive exclusive NFTs: AptosMonkeys #357, Bruh Bear #4986, and Aptos Creature #681. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

For those interested in the technical details, the DI-QRNG proofs are accessible on DoraHacks' GitHub.

In line with our vision that "funding public goods should be fun," DoraHacks launched the CIF at the outset of the Aptos Grant DAO Round 5's quadratic funding round on April 1st to bring incentives and fun for everyone who participated in this QF round. CIF aims to make the funding process more rewarding for participants by using MEME tokens and NFTs as incentives, and to further encourage contributions to Aptos’ (and later more ecosystems’) public goods/early-stage projects.

This initiative is supported by Gui Inu, a popular Aptos meme token, and Dora Factory, which has also contributed three premium Aptos NFTs. Besides, as a leader in decentralized governance and public goods pledge infrastructure, Dora Factory has equipped this initiative with innovative DI-QRNG technology to the distribution of rewards fair and transparent. In the future, CIF welcomes further collaboration from top-notch teams that wish to contribute incentives for voter engagement.

Meet the teams

In this round, 7 teams stood out from all the 403 applications. They are:

Infra Track:

Scaffold-APT & Scaffold-APT-Examples offers an Aptos dApp template with supporting examples to streamline development, with a focus on integrating AI features.

Social Track

TowneSquare CRED develops an on-chain social graph for Aptos, enabling data-powered applications for social engagement within the blockchain space.

Defi Track

Echelon introduces a borrow/lend market on Aptos with plans for cross-chain lending, prioritizing capital efficiency and high LTV loans on specific assets.

AptosLink provides a light wallet solution and a novel cash-gift system for user-friendly airdrop and gift transfers via web links.

DigiTrust combines decentralized asset management with a social network to facilitate secure and transparent investment-related interactions.

NFT/gaming Track

Aptos Victors creates a mobile runner game that embeds blockchain concepts into its gameplay, aiming for an accessible introduction to Web3.

Community/DAO Track

Move Language YouTube Tutorials focuses on creating a comprehensive series of Move language educational content, from beginner to advanced levels, to support developers' learning and application development.

What's Next?

As Aptos Grant DAO remains a long-term grant, the application entry is always available at, and recently submitted projects will be reviewed in the next latest funding round.

In round 6, the tracks will be updated to: NFT, Gaming, Defi / Stable Coins, Infrastructure / Tooling, Community / DAO, ZK-Move, Social, Meme