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Dora Factory Announced as a Genesis Validator for Noble Protocol

Dora Factory Announced as a Genesis Validator for Noble Protocol

Gloria Lee, Brian Breslow, George Pagonis, Steve Ngok

The Partnership Revolutionizing the DeFi Landscape

The strategic partnership between Dora Factory and Noble Protocol signifies an exciting, crucial step forward in decentralized finance, with Dora Factory serving as a key, Proof-of-Authority (PoA) validator on the groundbreaking Noble protocol that will bring enhanced liquidity, more DeFi use cases, and user adoption.

​​Proof of Authority (PoA) is a consensus mechanism used in some blockchain networks where a limited number of pre-selected, trusted nodes, known as validators or authorities, are responsible for validating transactions and creating new blocks. These validators are chosen based on their reputation, reliability, and identity.

Dora Factory, a prominent player in the blockchain infrastructure and decentralized finance space, has announced its role as one of the first genesis validators for the Noble Protocol. As the first generic-asset issuance appchain built on the Cosmos Network, Noble Protocol is transforming the native stablecoin landscape starting with the USDC integration initiative. USDC is one of the most popular and widely used stablecoins managed by Circle, a globally renowned technology organization that focuses on developing digital currency products and services. This integration will facilitate easier entry points for traditional finance users and bridge the gap between the worlds of cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

The collaboration between Dora Factory and Noble Protocol is a testament to the shared vision of advancing the Cosmos ecosystem by providing secure, transparent, and accessible financial resources. By acting as a genesis validator, Dora Factory plays a vital role in ensuring the security and reliability of the Noble Protocol's blockchain, validating transactions, and maintaining the overall integrity of the network.

The partnership's significance lies in the combined strengths of both platforms. Noble Protocol's innovative approach to DeFi, which leverages the Cosmos Network's speed, scalability, and interoperability, is complemented by Dora Factory's extensive operational experience, particularly in the Cosmos realm. Together, they pave the way for a new era of decentralized finance that offers unprecedented, interoperable use cases and access to advanced financial tools and services for the traditional finance community, DeFi community, and beyond.

“Dora Factory has emerged as crucial infrastructure within the Cosmos ecosystem, and the opportunity to validate Noble represents the next step in our evolution. We are pleased to bring Public Goods Staking to Noble, and are very bullish on the continued adoption of generic-assets within new applications” - Steve Ngok, Partner at Dora Factory

“We are excited to have Dora Factory be part of the initial launch set for the Noble blockchain! We look forward to leveraging their expertise in building developer communities and to work with them to get developers excited by the potential of Cosmos and Interchain DeFi.” - Jelena Djuric, Co-Founder & CEO at Noble

About Dora Factory

Dora Factory is a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure across multiple chains. With a strong focus on security, transparency, and decentralization, Dora Factory is dedicated to supporting ecosystems through public goods staking and driving innovation in the DeFi space through the development of infrastructure toolings and initiatives.

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About Noble Protocol

Noble Protocol, a groundbreaking asset issuance platform, is transforming the Cosmos ecosystem by unlocking liquidity and enabling seamless cross-chain transactions. Noble has already made significant strides by launching USDC on its platform, with many more prominent assets to come. Noble is bridging the gap between blockchains and addressing the challenge of fragmented liquidity, redefining the landscape of cross-chain transactions and liquidity management in the Cosmos network.

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